Mods, Can I be silenced For 6 Months please?

I need to take a break, because I do not think I am in the right state of mind to be posting here atm.
I would ask to extend the break if I feel it needs to be extended after the 6 months, depending on how I feel, but hopefully I will feel better by then,


Just want to say thanks to the moderators for doing such a good job :)) and for the community, generally.

You are a nice bunch of people

@ninjastar , @Moonbeam , @ZombieMombie , @rogueone

I hope I wont change my mind :// about that length of break but I think it would do me good, tbh.


We will miss you😭

But do what you think is good for you


Take care of yourself. I hope I didn’t offend you. Hugs.


Request granted. Closed thread since User cannot respond when silenced.