Mistaking objects for faces

It happens to me. I think it is related to schizophrenia. I mistake an object (a wall clock for example) for a face staring at me. It frightens me for few seconds.

Have you ever experience this? Or similar?

This happens to me all the time! I don’t know if it’s related to schizophrenia. I think everyone does it sometimes. It’s just that neurotypicals are more able to brush it off as their eyes playing tricks on them, whereas we are trained too be on the lookout for hallucinations, so we notice it more.

It has a tactile characteristic.

It happens to me a lot. I just figured it’s from having lived alone and being starved for people. A kind of wishful sighting. I also hallucinate cats and dogs out of similarly shaped objects. I wouldn’t make a big sz thing of it. It only lasts for a flash, until I take a second look.

When I’m driving, I frequently think the mailboxes are pedestrians for a quick second.

Yes; have seen this several times in sz pts. One of the really experienced veteran docs I knew theorized that it was rooted in attempts to return to the pts’ earlier pre-sz mentality to achieve a sense of security and comfort. I can’t recall how he connected all the dots together on that, however. Oh, wait. He said, “Remember those clocks parents sometimes buy for small children that have human-like faces on them?” Kinda makes some sense to me, though, as I know that many psych pts who feel “overwhelmed” seem drawn to various forms of regression to younger states of mind.

It also occurs to me that the faces on the clocks may not be “friendly,” especially if the the pt was trained in his or her youth to push, push, push to get things done. One of first sz pts I knew had a father who kept telling him “Time is money.”

It doesn’t have to be clocks. Even my own reflection in a window can cause this.

Yes. It has a name though I forget what it is. I’ve experienced it since before I can even remember. My mom says when I was 2 or 3 I had her remove a painting of flowers from my room because of the “monster faces” in it. I’ve seen these horrible grotesque faces in everything since forever. When my psychotic symptoms are active I see them more frequently, and even when I just close my eyes. It was terrifying to me as a child but I’m used to it now.

I get this frequently - Yeah lots of Neurotypicals have these experiences also

there was one time i was hearing voices (and ive rarely heard voices) and then i looked in a car and i saw a man but it turned out to be just an object. i was definitely going through some kind of episode where i was hallucinating like crazy because usually i dont have those intense hallucinations.

Faces are everywhere, but not like that. There are incredibly detailed and vivid faces made of just about anything we can see at this point, even in space, the sun, looking up at the ocean’s surface from underneath, the stucco, the shadow and light, ancient rock formations.

Im an idiot and i can’t do anything with it. I hope people get to see it one day, they are everywhere.

I was outside looking at them the other night. They threw random rocks down on the ground out here and they made incredibly detailed faces.

And then one night the light from one side of the street shown through a tree and the shadows formed a detailed face staring at me. It was very detailed though.

You guys have to see this ■■■■ you really do. You can see it with your mind. It’s like one of those 3-d images where if you focus an image pops out.

I used to see a dog beside me out of the corner of my eye all the time. Hasn’t happened in atleast a year now though

Every once in a while I catch a cat out of the corner of my eye. No faces.