Missed opportunities

I would like to make friends but I’m annoyed with myself
Yesterday I went on coach trip to a town in Yorkshire a woman sat next to me also was travelling alone and was quite friendly and chatty and I missed this opportunity I should have given her my phone number


Don’t worry about it. There’s plenty more opportunities out there. :slight_smile:

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I often hesitated to ask for phone number when meeting a new person.

I never ask for phone numbers when meeting new people… Maybe I’ve missed a lot of opportunities


Only proves that kind of stuff can happen out there. I had to find the balance of keeping and eye out for friendlies without searching them out to the degree it becomes stressful… and then make sure to get those folks numbers.

I made myself a regular at one of the coffee bars here and have made more than enough friends… It took about a year though.

Just last night I got to talking to some girl… she was very friendly… didn’t get her number, but sometimes it’s ok to pass up on that chance to maintain a casual persona. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself now.

good luck @shellys12

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