Regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention

I did what I had to do, and saw it through without exemption,
Sing it Frank.
12:01 am.
Kind of thinking about all the opportunities I’ve blown in my life. I blew several possible relationships with girls. In fact at my new place, when I moved in about two months ago, some girl was really friendly to me and invited to go to a day center nearby with her I said no. Stupid. Blockhead. It’s very rare that a girl shows interest in me, and I blew the chance. It wouldn’t have been sexual, it would have just been someone to hang around with. And I could have had a friend at the crisis house when I got out of the hospital two months ago. I ran into this guy in the kitchen and we started talking. He seemed pretty cool but I didn’t feel like having any friends. When I rented a room in a house with seven other people years ago, at one time or another they all asked me if I wanted to go out to coffee or out to eat or go do something fun. I did it a couple times but I mostly refused. Oh, well, learn from your mistakes, right?

Who’s to say those opportunities you say you “blew” would have ended so well?

I prefer to regret things that I think could have happened, but didn’t,
than to regret things I wished never happened.