Failed myself today

There’s this woman at work who I’ve been crazy about for a while, and I failed to get her number. Today was likely the last time we’ll work together, with me most likely leaving that job at the end of the week. We worked together yesterday, and she said something about having to start checking facebook to see what’s going on with me, and I said to her, “you could just give me your number, and we could keep in touch that way.” She just acted like she didn’t hear me, didn’t respond or react to it in any way. Maybe she really didn’t hear me, I don’t know. But yeah, I worked with her today, and I lost my nerve to try saying anything again. She and I are friendly with each other, always trading smartass quips, very good rapport.

I don’t know, I’m just disappointed in myself for not trying again today. This stuff shouldn’t still make me so nervous at 37 years old. What I said to her yesterday required me to muster up my courage. How many of you have this problem?


I always had that problem it’s amazing I ever found my wife. So glad I’m done shopping around.


I can kinda attest to this as the only women that I asked out where ones I thought were interested in me. Didn’t work out well for me of course.

You didn’t fail. You asked her for her number and she said no in a polite way. Time to accept it’s unrequited though.


I guess it could also be that she just did not realize at that moment your intention? If it came out of nowhere.

sometimes that happens too :blush:

Maybe you could say 'hey Can I add you on Facebook too? I don’t know :confused: sorry =(
Maybe you can get her a small gift on Friday as it is the end of the week? Like a pencil or something you use at work ? :thinking:

Honestly It is like extremely rare for me to give any coworker my number. Maybe bc it is work environment, she did not have a reaction.

Sometimes things just don’t work out, Maybe she will contact you on facebook

Yeah, she and I are already friends on fb, have been for a couple years, she just never gets on there. I normally never date coworkers, follow the old “don’t ■■■■ where you eat” rule, but I’m leaving that job, that’s the only reason I would try to get her number to try and date her now.

Maybe @everhopeful is right that I didn’t really fail. I tried, and I just didn’t get her number. If she really wants to contact me, though, she can always get on fb and message me or post something to my wall. We’ll see what happens, but I’m not holding my breath.


@freakonaleash I might do this, before you leave say ,“I’d like to stay in contact with you, are you ok with a call or do you prefer Facebook?” That is not too pushy but gets the message you want answered


Maybe if I get a chance I could say something like that. It’s just that if this ends up being my last week there, then she and I will not be working together again. I’m off until Saturday, and she doesn’t work this Saturday. If my start date at the new job gets pushed back a week or two, which will happen if I don’t get my license by Thursday or Friday, then I will have another chance.

There’s a saying that goes, “don’t dip your quink in the company ink.” (Quink = pen.) This could complicate the heck out of your work life and even end with you losing your employment if HR gets wind of your attempts to hook up. I also believe that women have the right to work without having to fend off the advances of male co-workers.

Yes, I’m old-fashioned, but often right.


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@ozymandias I fully agree with you. As I said, I don’t date coworkers, only went after her now because I’m leaving that job.

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Can’t you feel the chemistry here? They already got past the Facebook stage. That’s huge. I wish them the best

I’m past the Facebook stage with a VERY cute 25-year-old co-worker. I’m also old enough to be her father and we’re both married. Just because we get along very well at work and can finish each others’ sentences, it’s not an indicator of possible chemistry outside of work. Sorry.



You might have just surprised her. Timing is everything in life. You might have picked the wrong moment. On the other hand, there is no perfect moment to ask someone out sometimes. So learn from it, chalk it up to experience, and move on.