Have you ever missed a chance on love?

Ever feel like you missed your chance at love? I had a serious girlfriend from college who came to visit once. My mom asked,” are you sure she’s the one?” And I thought about it, didn’t know, and thought my mom hated her so I dumped her right there before she drove back to her house.

I was so young I made a mistake and lost someone who cared about me more than I knew. Ever since then I haven’t had much luck dating. A couple of girlfriends here and there but nothing like what me and my college girlfriend had.

I just feel like I made a huge mistake and now I’m gonna end up alone.

I just dated one girl, from 2011 to 2016, she wanted kids many times but I was just 21 y.o. I had other opportunities but some I refused and the others I was shy or young.

Schizophrenia destroyed all my chances now.

I’m still holding out hope that I’ll meet the right one. If I get disability at least I can say I make some money. Being A schizophrenic, jobless, living at home, bald, and 32 is not the best dating profile.

I think every time I really liked a girl, I tried my best to win her over. No regrets in this regard.

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I have met several girls over the years I liked and I noticed liked me back. Unfortunately I’m very shy so I find it hard to take contact. Also the latest years I don’t feel like I’ve had much to offer because of the effect of AP’s.

But I still believe I could meet someone. I think there are many women that could be right for me. I just need to work hard at improving my situation. Keeping healthy habits, maybe find a better drug to take…you never know what the future holds.

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I miss my high school sweet heart :broken_heart: she was crazy for me but I couldn’t get the ball rolling on a relationship …

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Ive been in love with a few men and women over the years. Trouble is im a nightmare to live with lol.

Ive more or less resigned myself to be single. If i could find a fellow schizophrenic - that could put up with my dodgy moods - and all round grumpyness i might be ok lol.

I do miss that cuddle in bed at night tho :frowning:

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Not missed. I intentionally did not accept to be with at least three girls.

And I never have been in a relationship. Thankfully. Espacially now with the illness. I don’t like people of any gender.

And I would disslike to have any more sex anymore.

I remember dating a beautiful girl first year of college who i thought was wifey material, but ghosted her unintentionally during my prodromal phase. She was my first love and all other girls i still compare to her. We recently started talking again though i feel like we are currently at two different places in life. When i think about love these days i feel foreveralone.

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That’s terribly sad. I’ve lost chances at something, I don’t know if it was love. When I see someone I’m attracted to, I’m too intimidated to talk to them.

Why don’t you have a relationship where you meet just once or twice a week and you don’t live together?

That’s the type of relationship I’m thinking about having.

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Things were pretty perfect in sa with my x and the dogs but I left to become vegan and give my horse a better paddock.

I might never have it close to that good again but we were pretty non sexual.

I later dated a guy who was mind blowing great sex and funny but he was disrespectful and bad tempered and i didn’t love him near as much.

I sometimes think I regret leaving my x and dogs in sa because it really was pretty perfect for me.
He is stunning,kind, stable ,loyal,reliable just the best man I ever favourite could I have left my favourite man?

Now he won’t take me back.

Ive got to meet a woman yet lol. The only socialising i do is just once a month now down the bar. I literally dont see anybody!

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Yeah but before meds I was a paranoid mess. After…

I’ve missed many a chance but I’ve also had it where the random factors align and found it. Didn’t last but that is the breaks…still. It’s worth striving for…

Yes there was this one young lady when in my early twenties… man she had it all… I never was in love like that since. I was a chicken though. Please don’t be a chicken in love.

Yes, I missed a chance on love. It was my 8th grade year. A girl asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend…but she wasn’t part of the cool kids.

I’ve had girls who were more than good enough make what I took to be offers, but I didn’t respond because I couldn’t imagine being mentally well enough to hold down any kind of job that would support a family.

Once I get better I will start dating, not even a question. I think that love is a very powerful healer.

I just need to climb out of my depression and get myself busy at doing things that actually matters. Once I can kick-start that, I’m good to go.

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Yes, several.

I should have dated my friend in uni. He was handsome, fit, smart, funny, active, kind. When he got a new girlfriend he admitted he had been in love with me for ages. I had been in love with him too. But at the time i didnt dare initiate such a thing. And also i was a bit…afraid of dating “normal” guys…feeling maybe i wasnt good enough and it felt strange. Unavailable or “bad” guys felt more safe and familiar i guess. He later married the new girlfriend.

I think my attachment issues would have been to big for me to manage a good relationship at that time though.