Miserable subway women

This 50yr old women helped me today, and she was the rudest miserable thing. She also purposely put as little as topping as possible on my sandwich. I looked at her like are you doing that on purpose, and she gave me a fake smile. Good thing I’m medicated or I was ready to start screaming at this creep! I just bit my tongue :tongue:

Thinking perhaps that she is either making the franchise owner happy by saving money… or she is the franchise owner, and she is so short-sighted that she cannot see that she pisses customers off when she does that?

Ya know, I put up with that for years. Then I started asking the “sandwichistas” to put more green peppers and onions on my ■■■■■■■ subs. None of them have ever refused to do so.

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I thought you meant like an underground train subway.

lol. Nope pure witch in disguise.

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This is why I dont bother going to restaurants and sandwich shops.

I worked in the Restaurant business as a waiter, believe me the horrific stuff that goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen!

No thank you - is what I tell myself

How many times have you actually gotten sick from what you ate in a restaurant?

Mentally, tons of times - physically at least 5 times
I rarely get take out.

Believe me if you knew what goes on in these food establishments - you would never go eat out again

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I worked in restaurants too. Customers are the enemy and some employees are better at hiding it then others. The last one I worked at had roaches.

Dude man…I thought that you were talking about sub-terranian homeless chicks.

This is 5 minutes of my life that i’ll never get back.

WHAT!!? Is subway sandwiches NoT Global?