Mirrors. How are you with mirrors?

Several times, most often in the documentary’s I’ve seen on schizophrenia there have been some mention about schizophrenic’s and mirrors. Just a year or so ago, there was a segment in the magazine section of the news about a place for the criminally insane, and at the ward, they did not have mirrors. Not because of safety, but because it triggered fear and despair amongst several of the schizophrenics at the ward. This is not the first time Ive heard of such. But not to the point of not having mirrors in a ward. So do you like mirrors? Do you like selfies? Are you more likely to be expecting to see something else that how you imagine you look?

I guess I still think of myself as a handsome slim, guy. But I am not anymore.

So long as I don’t look at my eyes in the mirror, I’m OK with them.

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I suck at all of those things, selfies and mirrors. I look okay sometimes, but I never like it. There was a time when I didn’t see myself as myself, like I was looking at someone else. It was weird, but doesn’t happen anymore.

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I use my mirror in the mornings to make sure I’ve got clothes on straight, etc. Never really worried much about them. There are people in psych wards who are set off by a Sears catalog, so being set off by mirrors isn’t a big surprise.


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I don’t like looking at myself. I start feeling cold and empty on the inside like u can’t see the bright vibe u can get from other people. I also don’t enjoy standing in the dark because i can feel evil behind me.


There was a time they used to freak me out really badly. I was sure I’d see the other world in them… or it wouldn’t be me in there… or not even sure what I looked like at the time.

Now… I don’t LIKE selfies or pictures of me…

I have to use a mirror… last time I didn’t… I accidently took a chunk out of my moustache and then had to go clean shaven. Which made me feel like a teen again… and I hated it.

So I have to look in a mirror to shave. But I don’t spend any real time in front of it.

I have to admit… those rare occasions when someone has two mirrors facing each other and your reflection goes on and on… that creeps me out.

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Before I was medicated…I would see things in mirrors… and they were never good things. The worst was seeing my grandfather, not as I remembered him, but as a rotting corpse standing behind me… I still get edgy around mirrors, and if someone has two mirrors, as described above, I can’t look, ever. If I do, I don’t see a thousand images of myself, I see a thousand images of people who are not me, mostly all the people I have ever wronged, but sometimes its me without being me… not really sure how to put that to words, but if you have PS then you know what I mean…

I hate mirrors and pictures of my “self”. When I was younger I used to hit the mirror and get really upset with self hatred. Now I am ok and more calm, but I avoid looking in the mirror as much as possible. On my more heightened days I avoid it all together. I don’t identify with this body. I feel trapped. But, anyway, I don’t like mirrors or pictures/my physical appearance.

I am scared of my reflection. I am very very fit and quite muscular. I was a fighter when I became ill and I still workout six mornings a week, so I am in intimidating shape.

I argue with my reflection, I basically have a mental breakdown when I step out of the shower and see myself. I started taking my bedtime benzo before I shower and also brushing my teeth in the shower so that I don’t have to see myself very much.

But every once in a while, I feel proud of my body. I even sometimes take selfies. This one is my favorite, also recent

I’ve always had a strong back and bigger chest. I was once a master-level powerlifter, actually. That’s the second highest possible rank, usually takes people years to get there, but I got there within six months of formal training.

See? A little proud, also a little stigmatized as a dangerous-as-hell mad scientist. More like a lot a bit stigmatized because of it. It’s sad, they say that mentally ill people aren’t dangerous, but I was highly trained in hand to hand combat and had experience fighting as a teen.

It’s a problem. I’m addicted to my morning workouts and they are healthy calisthenics like in the military, with two exercises with dumb bells once a week.

Sigh it’s a real issue. Like dammit, that little Navy SEAL kid became psychotic.

I do not like mirrors, They make me paranoid that I am going to see something in the behind me or that when I look at myself I am going to burst into flames. Idk why I have these fears I just do… But yet I have plenty of pictures of me with my son those dont scare me why once again idk!

Hmm… I don’t like looking in the mirror longer than I have to because honestly I start asking myself things like “what the hell happened to me since I was a kid that I turned out like this?” One problem I commonly have though is human faces sometimes make no coherent sense to me if that makes sense to anyone and seeing it happen for myself is just really odd.

My first delusion was about mirrors. I believed that they were two way mirrors and people from an unknown organization were monitoring me through every single mirror that I came across. I urged my family to take down all the mirrors in my house, and cover the larger ones with towels. I got over this delusion after my first hospitalization though, but it still lingers in the back of my mind.

yeah, i use to get set off by mirrors but not anymore, i have a huge mirrored build in wardrobe in my bedroom and it doesn’t bother me anymore, maybe if i was on a different med i’d be paranoid of it but not anymore, i use to see things in them, i wrote about it in the old forum years ago,

think i was scared that something was going to come out of the mirror, never felt alone in the presence of a mirror

I do the same thing.

I, too, used to fear the mirror in my psychotic state! It was like a portal into a parallel universe, or worse, there were tiny hidden cameras beneath the glass that I could not see. At my worst, I’d make it a habit to drape a blanket over the really big mirror and I’d really, really hate looking in the mirror in the bathroom because I was convinced I was being watched through it. Also, I hated mirrors because my eyes always looked wide-eyed and fearful (which I was due to schizophrenia), so I wouldn’t have liked mirrors even if I had not been experiencing delusions about them.
I’m okay with mirrors now that I’m medicated, though, although sometimes I still get that surveillance fear (the whole parallel universe thing went away, but I still get little flashbacks about how I’m monitored blah blah blah).

I have no problems with mirror. It’s just that I don’t look good after having sz. I looked really good when I was younger. People are very nice to me in the old time. I think part of me still think like a handsome young person.

My intro into “the world of films” through mirrors, was when I started taking projectors apart to help my ex (he fixed them).
It was the ‘front surface’ mirror and lens together that, (keep in mind it’s a “projector”-projects pictures onto large screens), I kept getting these mini movies of the owners lives in various emotional scenes.

I never told anyoneat the time, because I didn’t want to go back into the hospital…so I kept quiet.
The scenes got more and more demanding of my time, first from curiosity, then the more I watched, the more the people opened up and revealed their secrets they could never tell in real life.

I couldn’t stop watching, it became a challange to see if I could guess the “outcome” of all the lives involved once the secrets revealed themseves.
It became one of my favorite experiences, and still bits of the secrets and those involved keep popping up in odd coincidences.

makes me a believer in life beyond what we know as reality.

once while high on dope had a major psychotic episode…my reflection in a mirror was literally talkin to me and giving me a hard time as well. wasnt the only visual hallucination i had that night…this was probably 4 or 5 years before i was diagnosed with sz…

I see faces and people in the mirrors along with reflections and I talk to them in my head when I’m looking at them the other day they kind of felt like it that it stepped out the mirror and caused me to have this weird feeling that was kind of scary in my chest and with all the things that I see now I can understand fully why someone would be afraid of the mirrors because I believe there’s a man that lives in My mirror and sometimes he looks scary but I don’t think he’s bad but he’s there if I Call him.