Minority groups/subordinate groups

After becoming quite familiar with the social psychology of ingroups/outgroups, subordinate/minority groups and dominant/majority groups, I have come to identify with other minority/subordinate groups. This is actually a common response to being a member of a minority group.

I went with a friend and saw Straight Outta Compton. I remember this one line in a press conference in the movie where I think it was Icecube who said that the music was reflective of the lifestyles and everyday occurrences that they lived amongst in Compton, CA.

I was like yes it totally is. I relate with aggressive music, mostly the really dark ■■■■ like Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Sour, I could name more, but mostly very aggressive music often about psychosis. Yes, these artists had psychotic experiences with drugs and withdrawals. I mean seriously, Slipknot’s bassist died of an opiate overdose, Korn’s lead guitarist was knee deep in meth and found Jesus, still came back to drop a sick album with the band, it is pretty obvious.

Here is what I am listening to right now, for example.

This is a music video taking place in a mental hospital (more like an old school asylum) and it’s about psychosis. Like it is explicitly about being psychotic.

I find myself identifying with other minority groups because we people with scz are like what 0.7% of the global population. I just respect the ■■■■ out of saying it how it is, however it is. That applies to everyone.

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Music is a great tool for finding oneself in a way that connects to a larger culture. What messages and tonal qualities resonate with you. I like some dark stuff, but more the reflective kind, like the world is a dark place and by that we’re all a little dark, but the struggle is to be righteous.

Most people are very sheltered. Some music is all about destroying that shelter. There is at least one band that comes to mind which I like that does that. Very schizophrenic themes all throughout it.

I don’t know minority groups typically have it tough because the world isn’t made for their demographic. Just a bunch of social bs that keeps it that way. Sheltered ignorance or even false(and shared WTF) superiority complexes.

This stuff will get better with the passing years.

I Always Fynde That Aggressive-ish Music Is A Nyse Way To Unleash Inner Self " demons " and Such ,

and You Don’t Have To Be Angry Yourself ,

Perhaps Music Lyke Whoever Is A Great Way To Get Lost Within Tha Notes / Message and Such Being Played ,

No Matter Tha Genre ,

I Used To Really Love Tha SonggG (___________) (by) ELECTRIC WIZARD ,

A Lil Groggy n Lazy So I Can’t Think Of It Rite Now ,

Other Examples Of Myne Own Such Would Be ,

(_______________) ,

My Brayne Is Blocking All Sorts and Such ,

N E Hoo Here Is Thee Onli Other Example I Have ,

CAN"T TELL ME NOTHING (by) Kanye Is Also One Of My Favorites ,

Please Enjoi …

Yeah that one is really good:

No Doubt Yo Yo ,

N E Hoo (Part 2) ,

Here Is Probs (in my opinion) One Of Tha Greatest “aggressive-ish” SonggG’s I Found A Few Years Back and Tha Message Towards Thee End Is What I Spiritually Found To Be Intenseley Helpful ,


I Wasn’t About To Do Anything Negative But Deep Within I Agreed Completely ,

I Shared Thus SonggG With Meytal Cohen years Back and Wanted To See Her Cover Tha SonggG ,

She Didn’t , Neither D(Y)D She Want To Start A Band With Me ,

N e Hoo Enjoi Tha SongggG’s You See Here ,

May Perhaps Release Some Of That Anger ,

As a 50% Jewish heritage, I am 50% in the most oppressed minority in recent mankind. In fact, my Jewish, Italian, Irish and Scottish heritage…all 4 have been GREATLY oppressed in the last 200-2000 years.

And being mentally ill…that’s another minority. I don’t know, I’m not trying to say anything. But I have less white guilt than most, considering all 6 of the countries I heritage from…all 6 of those families were slaves at one point. All 6 of those heritages came to the USA with zero money and we all made it to frickin Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA. I’m proud of it. And then add mentally ill to the equation. No need for guilt. Although I shouldn’t take credit for it all I guess because I was born when my family was already well to do. Idk.

I think about neanderthals…they were probably oppressed greatly by humans when the transition was made. If you think about it, there’s monkeys…then there’s humans. Nothing in between. Humans probably hunted all the neanderthals. Were they a danger to humans? Not sure how civil they are. But I feel they were oppressed. I find evolution/life interesting.

I Always Thot Thus One D(Y)D ALSO Tha Sayme ,

I don’t understand thug culture. I don’t understand why it’s tolerated. And before anyone says this is a racial thing, I don’t care what friggin’ colour you are. If you behave like that I’m okay with the police cauterizing your neighborhood with flame throwers. That goes for blacks, whites, and those born purple with pink polka dots.


Well you might understand if you or some buddies of yours were thugs at some point. Not saying you don’t know any ex-thugs or were one yourself, I can’t speak for you.

But one thing is salient; thugs and drug dealers are most often forced into that life because there are no other lifestyles available. They just grow in the stuff, like plants in fertilizer.

A multitude of dealers tried to hire me as muscle and give me a gun back in darker days. It was because they knew me and thought I was cool. That was because I, like many seriously mentally ill, reached out to drugs as medicine. I just happened to be a highly trained very buff guy as well.

But I live in Memphis which isn’t quite Canada.

Not trying to start beef, no, just trying to help you understand why thugs and drugs exist in some places.

I grew up in a crap neighbourhood and dealt weed in school. I don’t see anything about my past worth glorifying in a song. I don’t see how denigrating women as ‘bitches’ is art. Or glorifying violence. Or guns. Or calling for the death of police officers. I feel badly for people trapped in that cycle, but I don’t see how we’ll ever get them out of it if we start praising that lifestyle as virtuous. It’s anything but.


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There’s ALSO No Virtue In Locking Threads That Don’t Agree With Your PERSONAL Philosophy ,

Jus Sayin …

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The bottom line is that simply posting the lyrics of your average thug rap song these days is enough to get your account sanctioned. That is because typical rap music has strayed well outside the normative values of a healthy community.


I identify more with the rock and metal scene than the gangster rap scene. I like Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Led Zepplin, Yngwie Malmsteen, Metallica, etc. I prefer music with a spiritual/supernatural theme.

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I identify with fringe groups and sub cultures online. I feel like an oppressed minority group, but in a 1984 sense and not a Martin Luther King sense.

A “normal” Community Is A Unlyne - Crossing Happi Community ,

and To Reach A Happi Community is To help Out In Cool Ways …

I’m in so many minority groups it’s weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

i saw this too… but i also saw this: http://gawker.com/heres-whats-missing-from-straight-outta-compton-me-and-1724735910

Or glorifying one’s self, like Dr. Dre. His formula is basically using a tough guy sounding voice to brag about how hes on top of the rap scene. I love 2001 for its musical qualities but the guy pisses me off

It ain’t bragging if it’s true. Go make hundreds of millions with a mic, bic pen and paper and say that ■■■■ again.