I find that mindfulness and relaxation is better than a pill with regard to anxiety.
does anyone else do mindfulness and meditation


Yes, ignoring all the extra stimulus and focusing on one thing at a time and taking time out to reflect and slow the brain down does help me.

I just started - so far I am liking it :smiley:

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I think I was afraid of being called “simple” so thought I’d impress people with a lot of brain activity. To no avail.

I learned mindfulness as part of CBT. I’ve been practicing it for a few years now. And it IS a great tool for anxiety, as well as depression.

I use my 5 mile walks everyday as a time to be mindful and meditate. I just focus on the beautiful scenery around me and let go of negative thoughts or emotions.

Meditation has also GREATLY helped my insomnia. So I turn everything off for an hour before bed and just lie there and concentrate on my breathing. Its worked wonders!




I learned mindfulness when I was doing DBT for my Borderline Personality Disorder. I no longer have the symptoms of it so I know it worked. I try to use it everyday. The nutritionist I see recommended doing it when I eat and smoke. Also when I get cravings to think of what I’m really looking for, what emotions and memories are associated with that food. :sunny:

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take care

That is a good idea. I didn’t think of that one. Why am I putting stuff in my mouth when I’m not hungry?

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I do it all the time J. I started keeping a journal and a lot came up. I’ve been more mindful when I eat and listen to my body so I stop when I’m full. My mother raised me that when something was wrong she fed you. I don’t blame her, but it’s interesting how deep the bond with food goes. :sunny:

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what kind of mindsets do you learn at mindfullness?

Before I became ill; I practiced intense meditation, as I identified as a buddhist even now I’m amazed at the control I had, particularly being 14 and then delusion kicked in after my uncles suicde, I thought I could save him from his death in the afterlife, I meditated for hours at a time. I was drained and exhausted, I lost all faith for months.

But that’s in the past, mindfulness is a way of me linking with my routes as even now I don’t have the control over my ‘monkey mind’ like I used to, and it helps, my nurse has been teaching me new types of mindfulness practice. In a couple of weeks I’ll start swimming and he said it makes wonderful mindfulness so in going to do that! A particular favourite of mine is auditory mindfulness where you control what you listen to and when (like many of you) I get critical horrid voices I try to ignore the sounds of my world apart from through headphones. So this mindfulness I take my headphones off and I control what I listen to, without over thinking what I hear. It’s wonderful; it’s freeing!

I live in such a controlled world where I shut out everything apart from the stuff in my head, mindfulness allows me to see outside of that!

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Very true… it’s 19 strokes, flip turn… 19 strokes, flip turn, (in a 25 meter pool) and only the black T line on the bottom of the pool to look at. I know a lot of people get bored just swimming laps. But I like it a lot. My mind can just stop all the chatter and focus on the muscles pulling and the breathing… because you have to focus on the breathing when you swim. It’s just simple. It’s not a race, it’s not a goal, it’s a process. Very little noise, and it can get meditative in it’s own way. I hope you enjoy swimming as much as I do.

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I’m hoping ill have a similar experience! Thanks for your input, I’m glad you enjoy it, the last time I went swimming was in a lake when I was sixteen it was cold, but it was a hot day and just lush. We’ll be going in the outdoor pool so no doubt it will be freezing but it’ll just be an experience :)!

Take care,

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