Mind reading

Every time I am alone with someone
In a car or room I feel like they can read my mind
I get so nervous and I try to not think about anything
I got nervous until my eyes spasms
How can I stop this feeling


Try to tell yourself to snap out of it.


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It’s ok to be nervous around people.

I used to wonder how people knew so much about me, but I realised they were making eye contact and looking at my body language.

Do you make eye contact with them often or do you look away a lot?


It seems you need to increase medication dosage or switch meds

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Find an anti anxiety med, I think, is the best option.

No such thing as mind reading.


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Don’t confuse intuition with mind readling. Like some times you most likely “know” what the other person is going to say maybe because that’s what you would have said under the circumstances or that is a common thing to say under a certain circumstance, or you can tell by a persons emotions and expressions for example if they will give a negative or positive response. It doesen’t mean they can read your mind.


Welcome to the forum, @Rehav . It does just sound like paranoia, have you ever gone for any talk therapy? Like CBT in particular. Just curious

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Welcome to the forum!

Do you have a psychiatrist? If not, you should get a counselor. They can determine if you need a dr or not. They can also teach you coping skills

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Sometimes I feel the same way, but if people really could read minds, they wouldn’t be lying about them so much.

Body language.:smiley:

Does anyone think MK-Ultra could be linked to schizophrenia?


I don’t know if MK Ultra is real or not but I believe I have equipment in my brain, eyes and ears and that scientists are monitoring me, so it is directly related to my delusional disorder. I have looked up videos on MK Ultra. I’m not sure what to think of it.

Try to keep yourself distracted on something, instead of letting your mind wander.

welcome to the forum @Rehav

The only drug that stopped mind reading for me was Abilify.

I used to hate sitting in a car with someone and thinking they could read my mind. It made me want to crawl outta my skin.

I know how you feel.

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Have you ever smoked marijuana?

I don’t think anyone can read my mind but I think scientists can put stuff in my brain. They can put visions and ideas in my brain. It’s been a long time since I had powerful visions downloaded into my brain. It’s been a few years. I was even on meds the last time it happened.

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