I believe people can read my mind when they look into my eyes

I’m afraid to let people look into my eyes. Has anyone had this feeling and overcame it? Will increase in meds help?


I once told a therapist that the eye balls were windows to the brain. Because I have this too. It did get better but took a long time.

I worry about the exact same thing! I usually avoid eye contact, or i’ll wear my sunglasses when talking to people. The medication has helped with this, but i still worry at times.

It’s why I don’t like eye contact. I feel it opens me up to much, they can read me to easily, learn things about me I don’t want them too.

I’ve had to practice, and still struggle to force myself. Have to remind myself it’s just the illness

I have this same problem sometimes. When I’m experiencing paranoid thought broadcasting and thought insertion, I don’t look directly into people’s faces or into their eyes. It helps a wee bit.

Yes I did when I was in hospital once.

I had to wear sunglasses to feel comfortable talking to people.

It went away after a while

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