I am afraid of people reading my mind

I am afraid of people reading my mind and especially seeing them. How can you block your thoughts?

By telling that to my psychiatrist.


I have this belief too, especially when I’m hearing voices. I avoid eye contact with others when it happens so as to avoid others reading my mind.

Distraction helps. And also speaking about it to someone who will listen and try to help, like your pdoc.

I know it’s difficult. Hope you feel better soon.


I don’t care if people can read my mind. Although I know they can’t.
I’ve got nothing to hide.

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What are you thinking that you don’t want them to know?

Do something right now. Think (don’t say it out loud) something really awful in private and see if there’s a reaction. Do this once a day and write down how many times someone does something awful to you that day in the real World as a result (and I don’t mean something your voices said). If that happens ask why the person did it. If nothing happens that day make a note of it. I think you’ll find it’s not the big deal you think it is.

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Drown them out with metal on yer iPod headphones

Nobody is reading your mind. Your brain is not working properly and making you think people are reading your mind. Its not real.

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This is a delusion. I use to have it. You probably need a medication adjustment.

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I think in braille. To read my mind you have to get past some messy hair and two inches of thick skull.

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to be franked, i am struggling with this as well. but whatever reaction people (or you presumed) giving you all has a certain reasons to it, while at the same time pure coincidence to us. for those that are close to you, ask them why they had that very reaction or ask them things to confirm your ideas like if you think they are angry with me by talking less to you then verify with them, some might tell you, “i am tired” which is pure valid reasonable reasonings, then accept it.
it is ok to be doubtful but not too doubtful. a person living a life totally without a single doubt is harmful, so is the same for a person who is very doubtful and not trust any possible reasonings. find your balance
people have their reasons for their reactions and most of the time it’s quite totally irrelevant to us, yet coincidencely reacts to a certain extent to our thoughts, thus making us presumed that people are reading our minds which by facts not highly possible in logical and science reasonings/perspectives
only accepts reasonings that are valid or those that has been really verified correct. don’t just totally accept whatever you felt or think.
another thing is , it is ok to feel what you feel, but that doesn’t reflects the truths. because if you did, then it would be a heavy presumptions.

good luck on your journey fellow sufferer

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The first thing to ask whoever you are at this point, “what are my thoughts?” I find blocking thoughts to be redundent and stupid. I tend to take the approach of: neither embrace or avoid. Acknowledge. Who likes to hold you over the fire? If you embrace marshmellowship, or hot dogism, your bound to get burnt to a crisp. Crispy Critters. Sum sure do like staged and staggered whiches burning.

Clozapine, clozapine… Give it enough time to work, like 3 months

Privacy is a human right. So sick of this angry person tapping on my roof and walls, now I feel like they are filming me also. Always tap when I’m my most vulnerable. Don’t people have a right to be safe in their own home

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I know how you feel with the mind reading. I used to get that. The only medication that stopped that for me was Abilify. I’ve been on a tone of different meds but Abilify is the only thing to stop it.

It’s hard to sit in a room when you think everyone can read your mind, I remember.

My voices act like real people reading my mind and persecute me for everything I think or say. I agree that the idea of mind reading is horrible. Defintely, real people cannot read minds, though.

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