Relaxation (good for the soul)

It is essential to have relaxation for me now adays man its the godsent for me

What about anyone else

Doing mindfulness meditation with it or just that really is a godsend for me


@TheKidinCahoots a bubble bath and just listening to the birds while sat in the bedroom is enough.

my nurse said i should relax more, so i tend to do that when i feel a bit stuffy xxx

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I did transcendental meditation for about a year and a half. At the time the promoters of TM were making unrealistic claims about its effectiveness, but I did find it to be effective relaxation therapy. I was also drinking very little coffee, getting the right amount of exercise, and going to AA meetings. I was doing really well at school, but then I fell off the wagon and my grades plummeted.

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Yeah, relaxing before sleeping is a good tonic for insomnia. Mindfulness, hypnosis, or anything which helps you slow down after a hectic day.

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Being able to relax. such a delight.

and truly enjoy a nice bubble bath etc.

I do not believe in counceling for me as I dont like pshycology and that type of talking therapy for me as a individual i dont like it.

It works for others who love it but im not one of those people.
Its awful for me.
Never did me any good.
I tried since child hood.
I can see it is used upon me to manipulate, steal from me etc none of them have my best interest at heart so to say.


There are other forms of therapy such as medication, relaxation, bath, water , exercise, being with animals, love making (but im single and celibate in person) and being in nature etc.

It may be different points in time that a person can relax and also what things relax a person.