Milk is a really underrated drink

Dang I go through milk really quickly. I don’t always buy it, but when I do. I can’t help from drinking it. Especially waking up in the middle of the night I’m thirsty so I find my way to the fridge and start chugging milk. But then I get stomach pains about an hour later. SUX.


my sister drinks milk all of the time too.

I used to drink whole milk a lot as a kid and it was really helpful in making my bones super tough. There have been times where I should’ve broken something but didn’t and I always thank milk. I don’t drink it as much anymore but I’ll have a glass here and there to keep my clacium up. And chocolate milk is really good for you if you exercise. Run a mile then get some chocolate milk you will feel amazing

Got milk?..

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Milk is horrible. It’s not good for anything. I still eat cheese and dairy products but they’re very bad for human health. I’ve been drinking coconut milk :yum:

You seem very intolerant of lactose. :wink:

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They say that Milk is not good for you.

I use whole Milk in my coffee, and enjoy my coffee this way.

I drink milk every morning and every night. I don’t think milk is bad for you. I drink 2 percent. Your supposed to have protein and fat in the morning

I really should drink more especially because its available to me …im lactose Intolerant and I can clear a WHOLE room with my intolerance.

I drink at least three gallons of 1% milk a week. It has a lot of protein and not too many calories, and I like it. I might be giving myself kidney stones, though. All that calcium.

Milk… yogurt… cheese… whipped cream… butter…

It’s all magic…

irish cows milk is the best, because of the green lush grass they eat, moo moo

We get some Irish cheese and butter here and I can confirm, that stuff is excellent.

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Lol, who says it’s underrated? Millions of people drink it daily, many nutritionists recommend drinking it and it is on many popular diets.

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