Mildly hallucinating and thinking a bit about things

Same as last time I hallucinated, music. And I find myself thinking about things in a strange way. And things seem oddly connected. It’s all very mild though. I seem to be having some stress reaction. You know my fitness instructor was telling me bible stories and found out I don’t have a bible and said he’s going to get me one and he’s going to give me homework of stories to read out of the bible and I find it vastly inappropriate but I didn’t say anything, instead I just agreed and now I don’t want to go workout anymore. Maybe that’s what’s stressing me out. He’s so sweet and it doesn’t hurt me any if he wants to tell me stories. Idk. I should have just said I’m an Atheist when he offered to get me the bible. Anyway now I don’t know what to do. It would be too uncomfortable to turn it down now. I should have known this could happen when I signed up through this organization to go through this program. I should just quit and do it on my own. The program’s not helping me lose weight anyway. Idk. I definitely have to weigh the pros and cons.


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