Might see Pdoc today

I saw my therapist yesterday and she saw how bad a condition I was in and asked for a release form to call up my pdoc, so she calls his secretary and explains to her how urgent it is. Even though I feel better right now I explained to her I need the mood stabilizer NOW, before I start believing I’m jesus again for the next 2 months, and then the inevitable crash after that. My pdoc going on vacation tomorrow and wont be able to see me till the 28th so she calls up and asks if there’s any other options and she says “I think I can squeeze him in tomorrow, I didn’t realize it was so urgent as Jon was doing so well when PDOC saw him 2 weeks ago”…yeah well that’s how I roll…I alternate between believing I’m Jesus and completely suicidal and depressed. This morning is a relatively stable day but it wont be days till I go manic again and believe I’m the chosen one and lose all insight. Well I don’t wanna be Jesus. I’m afraid if we waited till the 28th id refuse the medication, or at least try it and say its not helping. But since I’m at a relatively stable place, I can take a mood stabilizer to stay stationary.

I will get a call today about me coming in hopefully.


I thought you were doing good, you didnt stop with meds, right?
I hope it turns out all good

No i’m still on Zoloft 25 mg, Naltrexone 25 mg, Abilify 15 mg, and klonopin .5 mg (but I usually only take half that much)

We were thinking of adding Depakote in june but he wanted to see how the Zoloft does alone. I hope he doesn’t wanna raise the abilify instead of adding Depakote, because I know that wont help me. Ill tell him that and he will listen. I need to introduce a mood stabilizer to my system. I’m thinking Depakote, but if it doesn’t work or has side-affects, we can always try the other ones :wink:

I was doing good because I was manic and grandiose. Its a struggle to be manic and grandiose but I don’t realize it in that state. Then I crash and wanna die. I’m putting an end to this back and forth…NOW


Zoloft isn’t a mood stabilizer, it can make you wired
up or manic.
Keep us updated Jon

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They shouldn’t be messing with your med’s. Let them know how much you need them.

He wont take anything away just add a mood stabilizer hopefully.

I know he will say “We can try raising abilify to 20 mg from 15”…but I also know abilify wont help!!! So I will demand politely to keep abilify 15 mg and suggest to add Depakote. I think he will agree.

@Sarad I need the Zoloft. its only 25 mg and it compliments naltrexone in a way so well, they bind together to stop you from drinking. I haven’t had more than 1 beer in a setting since June because of it. And that was a miserable time that made me sick for 2 days and made me never wanna drink again.

I have a lot of mental health issues, in that I need every class of medication, lol, fortunately I don’t need huge doses because I’m pretty sensitive to meds :wink:

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