Microsoft's Chromium-Based Edge Browser Looks Just Like Chrome

Goodbye micosoft edge browser, hello microsoft’s chrom(ium) browser.

What is becoming relatively dominant is the underlying rendering engine called Chromium. Making such a label stick is going to be awkward in view of the fact that the Chromium code on which other browsers are based is released by Google as open source.

The Android OS is in a similar position with respect to smart phones. The EU has recently taken Google to task over the way they license some of their proprietary software which runs on Android, but I don’t think they are saying “monopoly,” just talking more about “fair trade.”

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Google’s whole appeal when it was young was the blank white screen with NO advertisements prior to searching. I immediately adopted it over Yahoo and because both of those pages swamped me with ads.

Chrome is all I use for browsers, Internet Explorer isn’t as good as far as I’m concerned.

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