Windows 10 users

  • Microsofts edge
  • Google Chrome
  • inferior browser(lol)

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Which of the two do you use? and why?

Frankly I love google. My google account ties my internet experience together. I know microsoft has similar features now and even wrangles my gamertag into it, but that might be going to far for me.

So for now it’s google chrome. I think that Edge my have the technical advantage though, and a better interface. fits more seamlessly within windows 10.

So whats the consensus on this? If there is one?

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I go for a bottom.

Eh? (fifteen characters)
Wish we could mod our own threads. At least delete pointless posts like that.

Sorry… but wut?

I haven’t even tried their new browser yet because Internet Explorer was horrid.
IE was so bad it made me suicidal.
I’m going to try Edge when I am done processing my traumatic memories of IE.


That’s kind of where I’m at…

suicidality was never an issue… but I did think of smashing many computers

I will say I used it a bit when I first set up 10. It was snappy. They have the omnibar.

They’ve got a lot of new features. Like highlighting/drawing. Enhanced reading panes and stuff but I don’t know what’s fluff and what’s practical.

Chrome just brings the pages as they are supposed to be delivered. So I don’t know… The "edgy"ness of it might win me over. Snappy clean lines and I can ignore the rest of the BS.

I wonder how download management works in edge…

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I think she might have meant she goes for the bottom choice. I haven’t taken the plunge (a) because I’m wary of how much Windows 10 is like Windows 8 which having read about it’s radical departure from other Windows versions I wasn’t sure I could adjust to (b) I had blurb for my Windows 7 laptop,which I’ve lost, which said upgrading was not a straight forward process. © I’ve heard of people upgrading to 10 and experiencing big technical problems.

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I upgraded seamlessly aside from a few failed boots. Fans would spin but nothing else. That stopped after the third time. It boots and shuts down like it should. That was from windows 7.

There is a lot of hardware out there… but for me both hardware and software(all of it) work fine. Computer boots faster too. I think it’s even slimmer than windows 7.

It has none of windows 8’s issues. The awkward block screen has been nestled into the start menu and that can be configured in a lot of ways.

Doesn’t have all the ■■■■■■■■ side screen mouse gesture oddness and ■■■■■■■■… ahhh god windows 8 suuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeedd

Don’t remind me

I use Safari. Mac all the way, lol.

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Hah… the third option is listed above :smile:

You know, you don’t have to use Safari even though you have a Mac… Safari is a very bad browser, only marginally better than Internet Explorer.

Actually Safari on Mac platforms outperforms Chrome in many cases. I’ve tried other browsers, and use Chrome on PC but on apple platforms Safari is fine and safe. Have never had any issues.

The UI is horrible. Speed isn’t really much of an issue anyway, assuming you have a decent computer.

I do most of my browsing on iPad these days.

Then maybe it is an issue, I don’t use iPads or other tablets so I wouldn’t know.

This was for windows 10 users… but I use chrome on my iphone. it’s got advantages as it has my google account tied into it.

Please feel free to stick around. In my personal opinion it takes macs forever to do anything anyways. Egh ■■■■ macs

I think it must be something to do with my laptop that it said an upgrade to 8 wasn’t a straight forward process. Hence my reluctance to go 2 versions ahead to 10.

Older hardware almost always has issues, I still have a Dell laptop with Vista on it which I use occasionally.

Well your call. If windows 8 works for you then stick with it. It’ll still get updates and probably see some new software.

Google Chrome: it has all of my bookmarks.