Microdosing shrooms

so people microdose psilocybin mushrooms (and acid, but ive had too many bad trips on acid to consider it) to help with a variety of mental disorders. last time I took them I stopped thinking there were cameras everywhere in my house, and I just generally felt a lot better for the next few days. wondering if anyone has tried microdosing for schizoaffective or bipolar, Ive heard from some ppl if you have a history of psychosis you should stay away from it, but some ppl claim it helps. Im planning to experiment soon as I get some more, just curious if anyones had good results?
also no idea what forum to put this in. so sorry if its in the wrong one

I have researched psilocybin dosing for mental illness and everything I have read is that it is contraindicated for psychosis. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is unlikely it is helping you, and probably eventually will make you worse.

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Coming from an ex-shroom / LSD user many years ago - it sent me off my rocker - and more than likely pre-disposed me to Schizophrenia later on in life. No Thanks mate.