Micro absence seizures?

That gives me an IQ between 60-80

Some of the reaction times were well into the 400s.It was as though I had mini absence seizures that would scarcely be noticed in everyday interactions, but would really impair performance on a test such as this.

Reaction time all

From article -" Also, reaction time slows precipitously with age. If you’re older than the average person who visits, your IQ equivalent will be further depressed (severely so)."

Another try had reaction times varying from 241 to 479!

245ms aka IQ 121 (my real IQ is 120ish so it matches well)

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Current avg .Previous done soon after getting up.

Adjusting for age to get the equivalent for a 33 yearold = 275 x 0.7=193=about 147 That’s very close to my average for the high range verbal tests I’ve done.

Could be Attention Deficit Disorder. they diagnose it by having you click the mouse every time you see a flashing square. Measures your accuracy and response time

Diagnosis would require an EEG and treatment would be a low dose of vimpact. But you would lose your ability to drive legally

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This continues to fascinate and perplex me in equal measure . Just done a block of Human benchmark reaction time tests. Admittedly this is not my best time of day. 4 or so reaction times were in the mid 400 to early 500ms range which is 150-225 ms longer than my average morning reaction time.

The thing with those attempts is there was no feeling of having ‘lost time’ or a delayed reaction .