Micro lapses?

I’ve been trying


My average of 44.4 years old isn’t too bad for a 63 year old . However the scores can fluctuate from the late 20s to the late 60s. With the latter I don’t get the feeling I’m reacting much slower when that happens . However I’m wondering about micro lapses (best way I could think of describing it).

What do you mean @firemonkey? Are you referring to a kind of light duty, brief (few minutes to a few hours) kind of quasi relapse? Where you feel dazed, kind of groggy and not really processing your sense of reality very well for a while? If so, I get those sometimes. Stress, lack of sleep, not taking my meds are regular times or bad lifestyle habits seem to trigger it.

Ok I just tried that reaction time test. I got 379 ms & age 29. I feel pretty good about that considering I’m 65.

It’s very brief in this instance , although I’ve mentioned in other threads I’ve started that my estimation of how much time has passed is far from good.

As for the game: I did it a good number of times to get an average score .

This was my best attempt yesterday.

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