who here takes it? did you lose weight on it? is there problems to take it with our aps?
i think ill try it in order to reduce my weight. i take 2 tablets per day…


I take it, as abilify has raised my blood sugar. I don’t have any side effects from it. I take 1500mg a day.

I think it has decreased my appetite, but not by a huge amount.

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I read now that it can have the opposite effect- increased blood sugar. it was prescribed by a doctor for you, ever? you take it constantly or you make pauses?
thanks for your message :slight_smile:

I take 1500mg daily and it lowers my blood sugar to a normal level.

Edit : it was prescribed.

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My girlfriend, who also has schizophrenia, takes metformin for type 2 diabetes. Her weight is stable. Generally speaking, I think it’s risky taking a medication for a condition that it has not been FDA-approved for. However, if your pdoc approves I guess it’s okay.

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I’m 40 and have been losing hair in mass. I thought it was my age but a hairdresser told me that when she started taking metformin the same thing happened to her. She also said it made her sick.

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I take 2000mg of Metformin a day.
My blood glucose levels are under control, I suffer with Diabetes.
Metformin controlled my weight for the first 6 months of taking it.
Not so much now.

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@loke, wow, it sound scary. ill be careful…
@Wave, did you lose weight on it in fact?

I lost a lot of weight on it when I first started taking it.
It only lasted for like 6 months then I started gaining again.
Remember everyone is different @Anna1