Metformin Can Help Combat Medication-induced Weight Gain - New Study

This is good news for anyone suffering from weight gain. Metformin is a very inexpensive (generic) medication that has been around for many decades.

Metformin May Help Combat Antipsychotic-Induced Weight Gain

Despite its modest ability to attenuate weight gain, metformin may be an important addition for patients at risk for weight gain associated with antipsychotics and related consequences.

In a new meta-analysis, researchers have found the drug metformin appears to be the most effective pharmacological option for countering weight gain related to the use of antipsychotic medications.
Metformin is an antihyperglycemic agent that improves glucose tolerance in patients with type 2 diabetes.

The senior researcher was Hiroyuki Uchida of Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo, and study results were published online March 17 in Schizophrenia Bulletin.

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I tried to get my doctor to prescribe me Metformin for anti-psychotic induced weight gain, and he refused. That was very frustrating. Instead, I had to go on a severe diet to lose weight.

I put on allot of weight when I was put on a AP, how would I convince my doctor to let me go on this?

Im interested aswell. The single biggest problem with the anti psychotics is the weight gain. Nothing else matters. I suspect that if there was a well managed weight gain profile accompanying the drugs the rate of SZ diabetes would fall considerably.

Wondering where a person can get this?

I’ve taken metformin for diabetes about 15 years. In that time I’ve averaged losing 5 lbs a year - where I was gaining about that amount before. I’ve been working to lose the weight and if I don’t watch it begins to climb back up. However I’ve managedtp maintain and losing losing 60 lbs that way.

Also very helpful is taking a small amount of risperdal oy abilify to curb the constant desire to eat. People will say - I’ve taken those and I didn’t lose weight. However I know it has worked for me.

Its a prescription medicine - so you have to see a doctor. But its very cheap. I would print out that study information and take it to a doctor and ask for a prescription. Its a preventative thing that would be helpful for a lot of people.


It’s a med for diabetes but I was prescribed it for PCOS induced weight gain. It didn’t work for my condition but I know a lot of people whom its worked for.

I am on 1000 mg of Glucophage, brand name metformin. When I first started taking it, I lost a significant amount of weight. I was on Abilify during this time (weight neutral drug basically) I am now on Risperdal and my weight does not come off easily, even though I am starting to lose the weight since weaning off of the Depakote
In my opinion metformin is an important tool in the SZ box, but I also have high glucose levels/mild diabetes


i take metformin for diabeties and PCOS . i have lost 3 kgs in 1 month. it has taken my appitie away. i have a lot more to lose tho