Metformin (Glucophage)


I am upping my Metformin (Glucophage) dose, per doctors orders.
I am going to eventually double the dose, from 1000 mg a day to 2000 mg a day for my diabetes.
Metformin can make people lose weight, especially in the beginning of taking it, or when increasing the dose.
Hopefully it will make me lose some more weight. Starting tomorrow I will increase my dose from 1000 mg to 1500 mg, adding 500mg for a week or so, then adding another 500 mg to make it a total of 2000 mg.
If you have high blood glucose levels and have gained some weight from taking antipsychotics, I suggest that you talk to your family doctor about maybe adding Metformin - it can make people lose some weight, especially in the start - first few months of taking it. Lots of medication changes for me lately


It didn’t make me lose weight that I remember. I read on this site that it’s good for preventing weight gain for people on antipsychotics. I also read from someone that the lbs. just fell off when they started taking it.


You sound like you`re moving smooth
through the changes Wave–and doing well!


Yeah a lot of changes @bridgecomet
Increase in Diabetes meds, added vitamin D and lowering my Risperdal dose soon - so far so good