Metamucil for weight loss

Does anyone know or take Metamucil to help you lose weight? Well I bought a bottle today of Metamucil powder And it says it curbs cravings so I will see if this is proven to work or not and help me achieve my weight loss goals I will take it for a month and update if it helped with weight loss or not later on.

No, it doesn’t really help with losing weight. Weight must be lost by expending more energy than consumed, exactly 3,500kcal must be net loss for 1lb of body mass to be lost. There is no way around a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

But I don’t mean to be a meanie, I am just telling you the truth about weight loss. I think the number one thing is not drinking drinks other than water. I am serious. Most drinks are sugar water, serious sugar water. Even liquor is sugar water. Sweet tea, Coke, vodka, beer, Gatorade, all sugar water. Sugar is one of the best ways to put on fat.

I like to measure out my food and I take some masochism into my exercise routines. Now you don’t need to measure food or be a masochist to be healthy, but to be in my shape, ehhh it is one sure way to get there.

I would say go read up on nutrition, maybe a book from the bookstore, I only know advanced bodybuilding books which I don’t exactly recommend to people with schizophrenia. is a good resource. I use it to find out what the facts are about some foods I end up eating which I am not informed about, like the other night I had a ripe avocado and wanted to know how much fat was in it (I knew it was mostly fat, probably fibrous, and not saturated fat) so I would know whether to eat the whole thing or half of it.

Weight loss is scientific and science does not really have many shortcuts. Sure, there are shortcuts like reading a chapter on a scientist which summarizes his entire lifetime of work instead of reading his entire lifetime of work, but there are facts like the whole 3,500kcal=1lb body mass which is a fact, which mean non-negotiable.

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Been watching Dr. Oz, have you? Be careful. The “Metamucil Diet” is a sure fire road to malnutrition over time.


@notmoses I haven’t been watching Dr. Oz I heard of Metamucil for Weight loss from my Dads Cardio Dr. who recommended he take it with meals and it will give you the feeling of being full it says so on the Bottle I will try it anyway despite what others have said about it not being for weight loss I have to now since I bought it I cant let it go to waste so we shall see if it does work or not if it does I will prove everyone who doubted it would work wrong.

I use Prodium Plus (think Metamucil on steroids) to help with diverticular disease. It doesn’t help worth a damn with weight loss, believe me. You’re going to need to move more and eat less. Anything else is a scam. Sorry.


will try exercising more once I find out why I am so tired and get that problem taken care of first then I can start exercising when I have the much needed energy

There is a way to lose weight without burning 3,500 calories more than you take in. You can gain or lose surprising amounts of weight surprisingly quickly by lowering and raising fluid levels in your body, usually through sweating. When I wrestled in high school we used to lose and gain pounds and pounds overnight by sweating out the fluids. I saw on TV one diet plan that said someone had lost five pounds in a week on their diet. I believed them, but it wasn’t body fat that was lost. It was water weight. In order to lose five pounds in a week a person would have to have a calorie deficit of 17,500 calories in a week. I had a wrestling coach who used to lose twenty-five pounds in a week by sweating out the water weight. Wrestlers and boxers do that kind of thing a lot.

Molto risky.

(I am pretty sure @mortimermouse is way up to speed on this.)

Wrestlers and boxers do it on a regular basis. One time I was so dehydrated I gained twelve pounds over night, mostly by drinking fluids. I increased my body weight by ten per cent over night. I went from 115 lbs. to 127 lbs. That was too much. I was so weak from pulling weight I couldn’t perform on the mat. If I had known the right way to go about it I might have succeeded. I was getting 100 grams of protein a day on a 1,000 calorie a day diet. That much protein is hard on your kidneys, and that makes dehydrating hard. Also, I wasn’t considering my sodium levels. I’d eat a can of tuna packed in water and congratulate myself of all the protein I was getting, but I wouldn’t think about my sodium levels. If I had been smarter about it I might could have pulled it off.

Yeah I’m well aware of cutting weight versus losing weight. Cutting weight is just weighing less by any means, losing weight is actually losing body mass.

It’s really not okay to cut weight. Losing weight is okay for most Americans.

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Wholly H â– â– â– â– . 20 to 30 from a supplement is about the limit.

An even bigger problem for kidneys over time. (You like passing stones? Ow!)

My dad passed some stones, so I probably have got the genes for it, as well as having committed some stupid practices that were hard on my body. One time I lost about twenty pounds in two days, and I have no idea how I did it, since I didn’t sweat it out, and there is no way you can have that kind of calorie deficit. I was taken to this assisted living center in Howe, Oklahoma. I stayed there a couple of hours, and then I said “this place ain’t no good”. I was full of prolixin. I walked away from the assisted living center. It was eight miles to Poteau, and I got in there about 12:00. Poteau is strung out along the highway, so it was about 3 or 4 miles through there. Then about two miles out of Poteau I got a ride. About three in the morning I laid down for a couple of hours in this post office in Panama. Then I got up and started hitch hiking. A couple hours after daylight I got picked up by these guys who wanted me to do some roofing with them. We were tearing the shingles off a house. The head guys saw that the sun was killing me after a couple of hours. The Prolixin made me sensitive to the sun. He told me he’d give me a full days wages if I’d carry these ten bundles of shingles up this ladder to the roof. So I did that, and he dropped me off in the town of Keota. It was about 1:00 pm and I was out on the highway and the sun was killing me. I got a ride into Stigler, and I laid down on a bench in this baseball dugout in this park. When it got dark I started hitch hiking again. I got rides into Porum, about twenty miles from Muskogee. At about 12:00 I started walking, and I walked all night. At about 5:00 am I got a ride from a trucker, and I walked from the outskirts of Muskogee to my Mom’s house. She wasn’t home, so I walked to the Gospel Rescue Mission. They wouldn’t let me in until 5:00 pm. There I got a good meal and a good shower and a good bed, which felt blissful. A day or two later, I think, my mom got back and she gave me some money to stay in a motel. I rested up there a couple of days, and then the sheriff came and got me and took me to the mental hospital in Muskogee Regional Medical Facility. When I weighed myself there I had lost about twenty pounds, which I don’t know how I did, because I did eat some, and I didn’t sweat a whole lot. The only thing I can think of is that I exhaled a lot of body moisture in my breathing. I’m sure the Prolixin had a big effect on me during that time.

Keep those kidneys “lubed,” then.

Use of the constipation medications can make you chemically dependent and you won’t be able to go at all without it later. I NEVER touch laxatives.

I would look up South Beach diet. It works nicely to deal with anti-psychotic drug side effects of insulin resistance. Uses regular food. Weight falls off quickly… This diet has a Atkins sort of phase that cuts the cravings…You do this for 2 weeks then slowly add back in fruits, oatmeal and 1-2 carbs daily.