Mentally stimulating brain games may delay dementia onset

I was in a study with brain games, got to bored with the ones they gave me, did poorly on them


They all require fast reactions, which I haven’t got .

It is a well known fact that doing challenging things will help your brain stay healthy as you age. There are a number of studies which show the benefits of staying mentally active. With their minds active, their thinking skills are less likely to decline. Thus games, puzzles and other types of brain training games slow memory loss and other mental problems.

I’ve started doing the games at Cognifit. I seriously doubt they are helping. In fact it’s quite demoralising. I’ve gone from 260 first training to 222 on the 10th one. That’s a drop of 38 or 14.6%.
It’s actually making me quite down/frustrated.
I very much doubt something that makes you feel down is healthy for your brain.