Cognifit brain training

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I think about 400 is the average for a 60 year old. My best-262.


I’m an advocate of brain exercise and brainwave stimulation.

I play chess against a chess app, and I played 50 games while listening to brainwave stimulation (alpha) and taking 200 mg of L-theinine 15 minutes before each game, and I played 50 games without brainwave stimulation and L-theinine. My play was far superior doing the former.


I’ve never been able to get the hang of chess. My father briefly tried teaching me without success. My logical and sequential thinking is not good.

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Chess is difficult, so don’t feel bad. I have a love/hate relationship with the game. :confounded:

I played about 30 moves against @Patrick on this website awhile ago, but I had to play down-side up. My head was humming.

I seem to be getting steadily worse at this(reverse of what’s supposed to happen!)

75 minutes later

Think I’ll give up on this! Just get worse and worse.

all those brain training exercises are not effective.