Mentally ill people need lots of LOVE

May I ask you, do the scizophrenia sympthoms have more weight in your mind than the good things?
The biggest slice should be for LOVE, not scizophrenia.
A real love is based on trust. That’s why caring others has so big value.
I care about my friends and family - I even care about strangers.
The power of LOVE has a huge value - never forget it!!"
Mentally suffering people need lots of hugs and support.
So lets build bridges based on trust and love. =)


Wise words indeed.

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I just need respect, that’s all. I use the word “respect” when talking of the style of interest I show in others. I use the word “love” quite differently - for to me it is an exotic feeling of interest for an entire person’s soul; erotic.

I feel we are designed to honor one another in various ways, but when it comes to love - I view that distinctly as a sensual feeling & pleasure, one felt by romantic partners not platonic ones.

Just my .02, though.

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Respect is fine too, even tho respecting is more like a mind thing not a heart thing. IMO.

Well, the Greek used to have four variations of the word “love”. What you’re describing sounds a lot like agape. I’m thinking eros.

Yes it’s not a love like falling in love to a woman. It’s not sexual either. But it’s caring kind of love.


love is the answer :ok_hand: :v: :heart_decoration:

Love will save the day…

I just love this thread.

:bug: hugs all around

Cat and Guinea pig hugs!! :wink:


Society has placed so many conditions on Love, when Love, in the truest sense of the
word, has none.

Being single for all of my life so far I can say that just the sight of two lovers is
enough for me to behold. When we see ourself in relation to being worth or not worth
having it then we create an internal conflict that is sure to turn it’s head on you.
And isn’t something that many weep for in a chapel when two lovers unite in marriage?
Even the elderly take joy to hear about tales of newfound love.

Love is not something that can be ‘claimed’ and it is a force that drives the good of
the world or else this world surely would’ve perished long ago.

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The meaning of life is love - the meaning of love is beyond description.