Mental illness being the lost art of telling an idea to die

When we get ideas to go to the bathroom we often have to tell the idea to die. We must learn to apply this to other unwanted modes of thought.


Partially I ndentify.

Sz= dying

Dont you feel its true?

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And after the sz dies, what is left? I think we lacked exposure, somehow missed out or censored that which normies could have in mind. We need to “Fill Up Our Senses.”

chordy. i am not following you entirely. could you explain? judy

Yes, I’m trying to find the power in my mind. Just as it is a mind thing to control my excretions, so is it a mind thing to control a nightmare or mental illness. I’m saying we have difficulty reaching and guiding our minds and need to tell unwanted thoughts that they are not needed and can be replaced by more fruitful thoughts.

i know the feeling. the worst of it for me chordy is that i also have thought broadcasting feelings and it seems like people are trying to react to these random wild thoughts.

it is a lose-lose problem for us with sz.

good luck controlling and disciplining with the power in your mind. judy

I think the trick is to not expect too much too soon. Just as you don’t expect a toddler to hold it all day, we szs don’t play the waiting game very well. Distraction works.

interesting idea chordy. turn away from the intrusive thoughts then and think of other things? thanks. judy

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the only way i have survived on meds so far is to try and not recognise it as a problem, look beyond it and focus on other things like making yourself happy and making others happy, i do a lot of different things to help me look beyond sz, the meds are probably the biggest help of all though.

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