The power of thoughts

In your experience have they helped/hurt you?

I think thoughts lol… I think thoughts hold a lot power. But I think I’m running into the limits of this power.

Consciousness vs matter. The mind vs the brain.

It was rogueone who said that if it’s sz then no thinking will help you. My actual tactic is not thinking.

Anyways been trying to think my ways out of this for a while now. To no avail. The potential is always there for it to be as bad as it always has been.

Looking for second opinions. How has changing your thinks affected your experience.

that is the jist of what my therapy sessions have been about. Changing the way I think about things. It is a slow and pain staking process .

I still want to believe the power of thought is unlimited. It’s as much a battle of thought as a battle what to not think.

We have meds.

We have our thoughts/beliefs.

Both should be explored/understood.

someone on this forum posted these quotes.
i think they are appropiate here.

allthough someone with ocd or schizophrenia might have a hard time
watching his/her toughts.

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Agree with your subnote.

Thanks dude.