Mental illness and testosterone

I see a lot of people walking around with abnormal gestures like overly high testosterone. Bloated feelings of invincibility. Confrontational. I see it so plain. The moment I become unaware, turn my back, or deny it’s existence it shows its ugly head again. Can’t trust no one it seems. Or maybe I prefer trusting only myself. Coz it’s only me who I am liable for. Criminals have higher testosterone and make dumber decisions I’ve read. I just want test coz it’s vital place in bodybuilding. I guess it’s our hormonal balance. That makes us act the way we do. And if I have a chemical imbalance as I’m told by psychiatrists I want to work to correct the imbalance. Naturally. But I will never have my natural balance back. Although there are many great supplements out. Sero quel provides the balance I need. But I still get hyper vigilant sometimes. But so don’t others as well. I cannot pin that to just myself. Well I gave it my all and to whoever has read it is always my pleasure to ensure you an informing post.

My testosterone was too low so I’m getting testosterone injections every 2 weeks. I feel better – more decisive, less negative symptoms, higher interest in sex. I finally quit smoking… I think the kick from the testosterone helped me get off the dime on that.

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I had lower than average testosterone last time I got bloodwork done.

You do know twang instead of injections you may or may not save money doing herbal test boosters like these for example:


I tried all three and even tried combining them since those three all use different pathways to increase testosterone it is not advisable to combine any. One is enough I experimented and did experience too high a testosterone, plus my condition it really effected my psycho activity in my brain. Overly high test is a mental nightmare however, if you stop, it soon wanes. That is the good part about it. I been off test for 3 days. I’m coming back to normal levels.

When I feel low I’ll start another cycle. My dad he is on some SSRI and I suspect it jacks his test up. Because some people that is the way they are. They would rather die proving their balls are bigger than to talk things through rationally. It is what is said that is more dominant than testosterone driven rage. I’m sure some would disagree but think how strong persuasion is and the lowly scoundrels we need to be vigilant of each day who try to get up in your head in a destructive manner. I assert to people this.

May I add to the post that I did order a online testosterone saliva test kit for $50 from amazon called progene. I was taking test freak at the time and my results came back 98 out of 107 range forgive me pls I do not recall what type of measurement they used.

i don’t know what the testosterone levels r supposed to b in women but if it treats negative symptoms, i could certainly do with some…:slight_smile:

Women are not all Estrogen, in fact the state of having too high an estrogen level is called estrogen dominance, and is an illness. Women produce .5 mg testosterone a day through the ovaries. But you know you see it all the time masculine women, feminine men, well take a look at sex hormones and find out. In fact Estrogen in men, helps with their inhibitory decisions, where as too much testosterone poses a risk factor. Anything else that I can provide an answer for?

nope. maybe i should have my testosterone tested. a lil supplement if i’m low would help my motivation. :slight_smile:

Yes it is good to know where it is at, and if you find you are low, then you know for sure it may be affecting your motivation.

do you know if your brain ventricles are larger than average, radiologist will say , for example, are they ‘prominent’?

No but they probably are swollen, that’s common in schizophrenics