Mental Health Services

I am done with them now for the final time. I sacked my psychologist and yesterday I told the Psychiatrist I do not want any follow up.

Today I tell my case manager not to contact me again.

I have had enough of dealing with them. I needed them most and they were not there. Being part of the system isn’t helpful, and I will be better off alone.

I think I get more support from talking to people here than they can ever offer me. It’s the end of the road. I will never be asking for help again from them. Very disappointed.

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Delete my comment

What does that mean?

It sucks that they let you down, but I would say be careful. Make sure you have a back-up plan if you start to relapse.
If you have left-over meds, maybe save them in case you need them.
It seems to me that you might consider just seeing a psychiatrist when you need to for prescriptions. I don’t have any help with my psych health except my pdoc, whom I currently only have to see every three months. 1/2 hour or less, a trip to the pharmacy and I’m good until the next visit.
Sometimes less is best. But stopping meds is a dangerous idea unless recommended by a doc.


how long have you been on meds and are you on them now? either you are out of it from reality badly already or you are getting ready to be delusional sir…take your meds and work with your mental health services.

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Its great to free your spot for someone who need it more. I done the same. In the end its your life and after a few years with mental illness it turns out the patient becomes his own best doctor and knows whats best.
Hopefully its not like the lame believing to walk again and throw away his crutches.

I regulary fall out with my social worker and end up phoning the CMHT and telling them to do one when im having one of my mood swings (and ive been quite obnoxius at times) - but after a couple of days always apologise afterwards cos i know deep down i need them more than they need me. Just make sure you know what your doing. You might need them in the future.

I will take the meds and that’s it

I had my differences with the mental health teams in Essex over the years due to poor help and support , but always stayed engaged because a part of me entertained the possibility I was mentally ill.

I guess the hope for me was that I’d eventually get decent treatment and that not all mental health workers would prove to be incompetent and nasty. It took a long time but I think now I might be on the right track.

My advice would be to hang in there with mental health services as I think you may be experiencing some illness related impulsivity in your desire to cut all ties. Stay engaged but contact PALS with a detailed account of your misgivings. That is probably what I should have done but didn’t.

Above all you need to make sure that medication adjustments can be made in case of a possible deterioration in your mental health. That would be difficult for a GP to do.


You explained it far better than me. My CMHT is not great - and yes they can be incopentant - but i would rather have them on board than nothing at all with no support. And i admit im not the easiest of pateints to deal with sometimes either!

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the last dance, huh?

How will you get meds?

I think you need to stay in touch with them, at least to get your meds. You can get support here but no one here can prescribe you medication. Whatever you decide to do, I hope it turns out okay for you.

I have a decent pdoc, and an awesome case manager. They were the only ones there for me (aside from my parents) when I needed help most. I’m grateful for them

I’ve never had a mental health TEAM just my pdoc and that was enough. But you need at least a dr to get meds and if that means you get a team then I’d stick with it. Being disappointed in some care is not a reason to get no care.

@Joker, I realize that your frustrated but you at least need to see a psychiatrist.

It’s ok, I can get meds from my general doctor.

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