I just don't know

I just don’t know. I’m trying to debate if I should go to work tomorrow. I’m not feeling my best. I have cloudy thinking, and I feel agitated. I don’t want to not go to work and miss out on money but I don’t want to go there and be out of it and start crying again and have to go home anyway. I don’t know. They put me on tegretol on Friday but I’m not feeling any better yet it’s suppose to stabilize my mood but it doesn’t seem like it’s working. Any suggestions?

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Only you can decide, but I would push myself if I were you. Us sz’s have a tendency to withdraw.

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You’re right because I was already out 2 days last week. I appreciate the suggestion.

Get control of yourself, try to use your mind to get back on track.Seriously. This may sound stupid but just sit somewhere and get your self .centered (that’s 70’s talk). I’m not trying to be flippant. I mean try to calm down.The motivation is that jobs are important, you don’t want to lose yours and have to go job hunting. Go in and do your best. Fake it, til you make it. Is it possible that you know your job well enough that you can coast for one day? If that doesn’t work, do you have sick leave stored up?


I’d make the call today instead of tomorrow. Say it’s a medical thing.

Med changes will do that to you.

Last time I changed meds I became highly volatile even though it was between to very similar drugs.

If you have to explain (and they already know of your condition) it probably won’t hurt.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.


I have short term disability and Fmla but with Fmla I don’t get paid for it and with short term disability I only get paid half and I have to be out for 5 days.My job is protected but I’m not getting money to pay my bills. I’m going to try to go because I actually lost my last job not going to work but I was on long term disability. I just have to do what I have to do.

Let’s say you return to work tomorrow. At some point in the day, whether in a minor or major way, you may deal with an event you wanted to prevent. Most likely you will have to account for this event in a manner that means personal maintenance. At work and at home, you may have to factor in a set of time that allows you to rebound.

You know your limits. Coasting through a day at work is perfectly fine. Taking care of yourself at home is acceptable.

I wish I had a good suggestion for you. I understand the rock and hard place you are in.

If you get sent home ill… that is at least the bosses call and hopefully can’t penalize you… But that doesn’t do the stability any favors.

I hope you feel better as time goes on… and really work on calm and center today. Keep in contact with your doc.

I really am wishing the best for you. This is the roughest part of working and managing this illness.

That’s what I have to do too.

We have to take care of ourselves and look out for ourselves. I gotta go, I have to put a 19 lb turkey in the oven. Good luck if you go to work tomorrow.