See my pdoc today

I’ll see my pdoc today. I have to tell her about the unreal feeling and voices getting worse. I was at work this weekend and went into the cafe. I heared ppl chatting in there. When I got in…everyone was gone. Nobody in there and the tv was off. It’s things like this that makes me realize I hear voices. If I’m in a crowd, ppl talk, then I can’t differ my “head chat” from ppl around me.

I won’t go to hospital again, or be off work. I’m afraid I’ll get fired if I’m off work too much. I don’t know what I’d do without work. That makes me function. If I’m at home nothing will eventually work. My brain will be slow and stop working.

Sorry to hear the voices are getting worse :frowning: My mom has FLMA paperwork with work if she has to take me to appointments. It might be something to check out. There are programs out there to protect you.

What is FMLA? Never heared of it. I’m in Sweden.

I’m in America. It’s Family Medical Leave Act (I think that’s what it stands for). But it protects my mom because I’m sick. If she needs to take off of work because of me her manager can’t say anything to her or her manager will get in trouble. We have to get our doctor to fill out the paper work every so often but she’s had it since I got sick back in 2010. I’m sure there are programs if you’re the one with the illness. Talk to human resources. Also when I was in school (both high school and college) I had an IEP where because of my illness (I wasn’t schizophrenic yet but had psychotic depression) I had extra time on tests and assignments. So I’m sure there are resources available you just have to research it.

Okay. We have something similar. If you have an illness that makes you miss work frequently “försäkringskassan” pays you money instead of your work. Then it won’t cost the boss anything if I’m ill again. In Sweden your workplace pays you 80% of your salory in 14 days before “försäkringskassan” takes over and continues to pay out 80% for two years maximum.

See so all hope isn’t lost. This is the universe’s way of telling you that you come first, the details will work out, they always do :smile:

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Hope your appointment with your pdoc goes well today. I’m glad you will be telling her about what you are currently going through.

It takes a lot of strength to work during the head circus performance. I’m really proud of you for that. You can make it. I had the same fear when I was working. If I quit and sit still… I will become a lump of nothing. I’ll be drooling in a corner baffled by a spoon. So I just kept getting myself out of bed and going to my job.

It’s hard and really makes you tired and confused. But it can be done with help. I am glad your getting help and talking to your doc today. They might have some ideas that will get you back feeling better.

I’m rooting for you.


It went well. She increased my Abilify. I will also be checked with EEG for signs of epilepsy. She wanted to rule out physical reasons for my feelings of being in a dream.


That sound’s like a good doc. I had one for a while that basically had EVERY illness down to my SZ.
Itchy skin? it’s your SZ
Sore throat and lack of energy? It’s your SZ
Just not feeling well? It’s your SZ

Then I broke out in chicken pox (my 8 year old kid sister accidently gave them to me) and after that…
I got a new doc.


So glad to hear that you’re functioning. You’re already way ahead of the game of life with schizophrenia if you work! I refused medication during the first year of my illness, I was in school and doing pretty well, but it got worse the second semester and I starting cutting class and binge drinking, so I got on meds the following summer and it took well into last semester to find the right meds combo. Now I am in remission.

Just be brutally honest about your symptoms. They are trained to deal with our condition and they probably see their schizophrenic patients as their most challenging part of their work, I would imagine, as schizophrenia is at the top of the list of disorders in the DSM, the clinical handbook.

Let their years of med school and internships and experience handle your condition. You sound like you handle it very well regardless of still having symptoms, which is awesome!

And it’s super awesome that you want to work! The best outcome for us diagnosed schizophrenics is medicated and working, and you’re already working so be honest to the doc and be open to changes in your medication, a change in meds just might do the trick and have you quit hearing voices and feeling strange.

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Oh whoop i didnt read, looks like you already went…

Pdoc wants me to be home and not working until she knows what’s going on. But I don’t want to. Maybe I could work with a co-worker instead of alone. Maybe that will make my pdoc rethink her decision.

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I admire your strength and determination. Do you have a therapist to run some ideas by as well?

Yes, I have a psychologist I can call and get appointment with on short notice. Usually I see her within a week from calling her. :slight_smile:

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Didn’t sound like your voices are hurting your job performance. I guess she is worried the stress from the job is increasing your voices. From past experiences I would never let my boss or co-workers know I have a schizophrenia. I’ve gotten illegally fired a couple times for that.

No. I wont tell them. But I had to tell them I can’t drive until my doc is sure I don’t have epilepsy. Now I have a co-worker driving for me. :slight_smile: i can still work!

No, my voices are pretty calm right now. It comes and goes. But I have an annoyinh chatter in my ears. And whispers when going to sleep.