Mental care people are human...with all the flaws

I hit a favorite lunch spot today to see the same small group of nurses lunching. The last 3 times I ran into these people from the local mental hospital, the woman stares me down. Then she started to talk about ‘she had a sister who tried to hurt herself three times’ and starts into the same long ramble about it all…I’ve heard this three times from the group.

This is just to brighten your day a little to understand the mental care has mental illnesses sometimes too and they deal with it by gang stalking. There are lots of people who will act like this. One church I attended even told their parishoners to act like this toward strangers to verbally harass them, other churches’ people called it ‘preaching’…This is devil worship to me but it is practice of some large churches…It increasingly takes more strength to really chose right from wrong with so many messed up peoples.

I always go out looking presentable with acceptable clothing and neat appearance yet something is wrong with people…

This is how a woman is treated who met a group of sexual abusers and I did not submit. The nervous breakdown from the mental care I still deal with today with lots of psychosis problems, then social problems. Now my diagnosis is used as a slur to me sometimes…I politely ask not to know, thank you.

You cannot be angry with all these nuts or the mental care, or they will eat you alive. Mental care will hospitalize at your own expense for getting upset with the care staff. You could be hospitalized for months even acting okay… Being informed about how some people treat each other with gang stalking, church cause stalking and thought broadcasting is only way to really stay okay during mental care. Google it all, please.

As delusional just means the mental care will not help you or discuss these topics, you really are on your own to deal with social problems. Understanding how some folks deal with their own mental torment, is key to coping. So if the mental care comes across as ‘off’ sometimes, which really scared me at first out of women, understand there is something wrong with a lot of people including some of the mental care and do not push it.