Memory and Cognitive skills

How is your memory and cognition? Mine is kind of not good. But trying to improve on it.

I’ve had so many ECT treatments in the past that my memory is very spotty. I can remember where your xiphoid process is under your sternum but I can’t remember the time I worked at a Taco Bell in Florida (my family tells me about it but it’s gone out of my head). I’m also very poor at remembering people’s names, which can be very embarrassing.


I can watch a movie and remember most of the dialogue verbatim without trying. Remembering the name of someone I met five minutes ago? NOPE. The auto-record function in my head only works with useless trivia. Well, that and insurance policy wording. My memory and cognition are considered excellent by neurotypical standards.

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I’m good at remembering numbers. That’s the only thing I’m good at remembering.

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I play classical guitar and I only have one piece memorized. Idk how to go about doing it.

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Most times mines is good


ECT did the same thing to me. I did it 2 to 3 times a week for 6 months straight, and it destroyed my memory. I dont even remember my wedding :frowning: As i hear stories and watch movies and see pictures, some memories come back, or i get flashes of those moments. It sucks, I’ll never do ECT again.


I complain about my memory all the time but it is really, really bad. I forget everything. It makes me sad, I have no past, just present, because I do not remember.

For example, I can watch movies over and over again and it’s always like a new movie to me. Because I don’t remember! It is pathetic really. I tend to think it’s because I’m stupid but it’s not that it’s just a very poor memory.

IDK. it varies
sometimes better sometimes worse…

My worst memory by far is my visual memory.My autobiographical memory isn’t that good either. That’s not uncommon for those of us with aphantasia.

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