Memory and acute psychosis

I’m having a lot of memory problems. Is this due to not taking meds ? Will my memory get better if I take meds consistently?

I’m on Abilify and zyprexa for 10 days. Why am I still very nervous and paranoid, etc?

It takes more than 10 days for those meds to fully work.

It took me about two years to stabilize and another year and some to really start to function in terms of ability to think and remember things. That last bit took daily, ongoing practice – didn’t happen on its own.

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from an outside perspective I know people who have had issues with memories from psychosis and seems like medication helps…

Thanks for reply, I need to be more patient. It’s humiliating watching myself so disorganized and forgetful. Also when I’m really paranoid I can get short tempered and then I feel fear and anxiety, self hatred too. Your reply gives me hope though. I really want to have a normal life one day.

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