Memories 💭

I was watching a video today on Facebook, I cannot locate it but it was a little documentary about how the brain stays active, long after our hearts stop beating.

Some parts of the brain still process information in the memory regions etc.

Maybe I have long-term memory loss or maybe I had just so many years of intrusive thoughts, I don’t have many cherished memories.

I was on the way back driving in my car and that’s what I thought about. Making memories! I have some really ugly memories of the illness, pre-illness, childhood and current isolation.

Do you have some beautiful memories?


Yes, quite a few.

My mother holding me when I was a child.

Seeing my brother for the first time after he was born.

Seeing my family after I graduated basic military training.

My best friend driving down to see me where I was stationed at.

So many…:blush:


I remember myself on the beach, also as a kid in the zoo, in my old house, in school with my friends and in the house of one of my friends :slight_smile:


Even after I got sick I could see a certain beauty in certain situations and environments. There were always reasons to laugh or smile even when I was at my lowest. Although sometimes the negative memories seem to overshadow the positives, I still believe that there are more good people than bad.
I know this sounds simplistic and probably a bit myopic,but I just have faith that the sun will always shine again after the periods of intense unhappiness and all of the problems that everyone goes through at different times in their life, whether they are suffering from a mental illness or not.


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