Just wrote an article on my website on mental illness....suggestions?

Just wrote a rather long azz article about mental illness in general.
Please read and make suggestions what I should add. Thank you.
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So true. I felt helped and understood by your article. You should keep up this blog, and add a follow button so someone can subscribe to it.

This one’s mine: www.thoughtdiversity.blogspot.com if you want I can add a link to yours?

I really liked the article you wrote. Its very clear and talks about things not everyone notices.

Different memory problem…could that be the reason I have 3 separate memory cater for different stages of life?

There are some disorders where a person can depersonalize and not remember things correctly. My mom struggles with this. Alzheimer’s also runs in her family. I don’t know if it’s connected. I do not think I have false memories, but I keep records too. I realize sometimes I remember things subjectively but I never create memories.

It’s a sign of mania and psychosis. I did come close when I was on Lexapro, I was inventing scenerios in my head and it was fun but then I realized it was unhealthy and I was probably risking mania and my doctor took me off it.

Time distortion and memory is an interesting subject. Once you’ve developed false memories it’s hard to shake them, but if you’re constantly inventing false memories how are they even memories at that point. I’m trying as much as I can to break my mother from her false memories.

I just try to remind her of things closest to the present moment.