Memantine and Rasagiline for Negative Symptoms

Memantine and Rasagiline for Negative Symptoms.

Memantine is very good for Anhedonia and Rasagiline is very good for Avolition.

Memantine is okay and I take 5 mg twice daily. It increased my heart rate but no other problem.

I tried SSRI Flauxitine/Prozac so I will use Rasagiline on or after September 15th 2016.

The gap between SSRI Prozac and MAOI Rasagiline should be 5 weeks.

The maximum dose of Rasagiline should not exceed 1 mg.

Rasagiline has food restrictions and drug interactions.

If you want to take Rasagiline there are foods you should never eat and there are drugs you should never take.