Meeting with a couple of Bahai friends tomorrow

In the town park. We’ve done this once before. I’m looking forward to it yet am a bit nervous, as always. I was raised a Christian and I do not regret this. In fact, I think back with fondness about a lot of it. But, the Bahai’s I found so advanced and much clearer in their teachings. Easier to understand and very challenging. Lessons “for a thousand years to come”.


I’m impressed


I’m not. I have known several. I find them to be “evangelical pseudo-Buddhists.” It’s another surrender your will and and your life (and your bank account) cult. BUT… don’t take my word for it; go find out for yourself.

Hah 15 15 fifteen

I just discovered I have feelings because you just hurt them.

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I have never met any Bahai people. Some of these religious people can be helpful. When my former US spouse had left in 1999 and I had some major mental problems, two people of the Mormon church visited me and I thought they were helpful.

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And what’s wrong with proclaiming?

The meeting was fine. We plan to do it again in a month.

I used to believe that others could hurt my feelings. I now understand that that belief is one of the core mental orientations of the psychotic spectrum disorders that include sz and bipolar.

I did a lot of CBT and other therapies. Now it is clear to me that no one else hurts my feelings. It is my interpretation of what others say or do that causes me to be emotionally upset.

I now use the 10 StEPs to take responsibility for my emotions. It has saved me a ton of pointless grief.

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Nothing. So long as I am not compelled to listen to it. I will be blunt (so that you don’t misunderstand): Religion is not spirituality. Religion is about belief. Spirituality is about comprehending what is.

If people were capable of perfect maturity, I’d agree with you. But we’re not. People need people and there is the rub.

Just wondering, notmoses, do you believe in yourself?

Why do they need to be? (I’m certainly not.)

“Perfection” might, however, be the issue here. In observing the parents of =many= sz, bipolar and borderline pts since 1987, I have seen example after example of subtle but very insistent perfectionism and setting standards the pt cannot possibly ever live up to, though the pt believes that he or she must to deserve to be loved and cared for by those parents.

It’s called a “double bind.” I have never seen a sz pt whose mind wasn’t caught in several of them. See…

No. I do not “believe” in anything. I just want the facts, ma’m. Just the facts.

So I use the 10 StEP mantra to do that.

Do you WANT to do anything or do you just “do it”.

Bingo. (15 15 15 15)