Meds or vitamins for focus and energy

I was on Vyvanse and retrospective it was not until I took myself off it that my health took a sharp downturn. I was socially active, had better friends, made better choices, had straight A’s, could focus in class, was not anxious, and could concentrate on driving. It was like a miracle for me. I made the stupid decision of asking to be taken off it because i did not want to be dependent on a medication. That was a big mistake because apparently once ur off its hard to be put back on it for whatever reason. Nothing else worked, and that was before I started using drugs in college. My grades suffered, I started drinking, etc. got put on other weird meds like strattera and anti depressants that just made me manic. Vyvanse never made me manic, I took 20 mgs and then 40 mgs once a day in the morning and then went to class. I was active, having that energy boost motivated me to get out of bed, in turn to clean my house–so the depression was less severe, had me more social and could focus–so my classes were good and I was happy and could make better choices. My current psychiatrist said its a liabillity the last time I asked which was two years ago, but i may ask again because things still havent changed I have tried wellbutrin prozac strattera etc. nothing does anything so what are the alternatives if he refuses to prescribe me something for my adhd that i used to have listed in my records.

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It seems like it can lead to a lot of problems. It’s a risky med.

I hope your doctor can prescribe something for your adhd.


Yeah its interesting. I was prescribed vyvanse awhile back, when I was seen for schizophrenia–and then it was changed to schizoaffective and adhd. I had so much anxiety I couldn’t drive a car. I had intrusive thoughts that I would be erratic and crash I guess thats more ocd or obsesive. Well it stopped that. I passed right after being put on and then I was off to college. Never had any bad side effects. The weight loss mostly because I was walking to class every day and active, I lived in the college town. I got less ashamed about my mental illness, it was a freeing feeling…and then slowly it all went away when I stopped it. I think I do have serious adhd or ocd and I kind of feel like autism or aspergers. Its all sorta connected.

Nothing adverse…but I should have been more careful as far as I am allergic to anti depressants. I have listed Prozac as an allergy now. I refuse to ever be on any SSRI or SNRI again.

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I dont think right now is the right time but I will ask about it. I mean it beats six energy drinks a day and four cups of coffee, chain-smoking just to stay alert and awake.


Vitamin D, Ashwagandha, Selenium etc.


There are lots of supplements out there for energy.

A few I recommend trying are: Raw cocoa, Rhodiola Rosea, Roibos tea and Guarana, but it’s enough to try a couple at a time though.

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I am vitamin D deficent vitamin B deficient and Iron deficiant.

I started taking Selernium and it seems to be helping so far.

I was thinking C vitamin…

Check your thyroid and vitamin b12 also. Its easy to correct also. Preferably TSH value should remain around 1.0. Selenium helps thyroid function in two ways. Helps in converting inactive T4 to active T3. Also it reduces thyroid antibodies.