Does anyone take stimulants regularly?

I used to be on adderall since I was 17. It then caused me to be more psychotic at 24 when symptoms of sz came to the forefront. I’m 26 now and on the lowest dose of Invega Sustenna (39 mg) and the past few days I’ve been taking Vyvanse, from a friend of mine. I’m not psychotic at all, I think an AP was needed when I was 24, but they took me off stimulants. Once my court order is over in the next 3 months I’m going to a new doctor. Because I present mostly as bipolar I hope a doc is ok prescribing me stimulants with my ap. I mention bipolar bc technically we don’t know what I have yet- I’m leaning towards sz, but in the mean time I know it’s common for bipolar people to be on a stimulant. The vyvanse and AP combo I notice no psycosIs or anything. Not even manic. What are all of your experiences in thIs field??

I could never be on stimulants. I would never get any sleep. But, my piano teacher is on Adderall every day. He has bipolar disorder and ADHD. I don’t think he is on any antipsychotics. He was on Risperdal but he refused to take that after a while on it. He doesn’t believe he is bipolar, like a lot of bipolars don’t.

What kind of symptoms are you using them for?

I don’t think its common for a doctor to prescribe those much anymore,

Especially for someone with psychosis.

They can induce panic and also,

Dependency issues.

Modafinil has not caused me any problems whatsoever and I’m schizoaffective bipolar type. I’m on a mood stabilizer but not an antipsychotic. It’s supposed to be a better choice for people prone to psychosis bc it doesn’t affect dopamine as much.


Adderall caused psychosis as voices in me twice. It seems more permanent this time. If you get psychosis and hallucinations do not take stimulants.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice but expecting different results. And the cause of that insanity is stimulants. Do you get what I’m saying?

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I get what you’re saying. The adderall made the voices and psycosis harder for me to reach a sense of insight- I didn’t Realize I was sick at the time. But with my adhd and the Invega I’m on, I need some sort of way to stimulate my mind. My cognition is shot and I’ve gained 40 lbs. like I just ate a freaking McGriddle dude, things are bad. But with vyvanse I seriously don’t even feel the slightest but sz in any way. I stopped smoking weed too and I’ll maybe have a beer at night but for the past week the vyvanse hasn’t hurt me whatsoever. I told myself the minute I heard a voice or felt like I was in a psychosis I would stop. It makes me wonder if Invega just blocks the right dopamine receptor (even tho I hate the invega) it if it’s because it’s simply not as harsh as adderall. One last thing, I know people on here take stimulants regularly. The first thing u see is a post on making psychosis worse but I know it works for some people. I wonder if I’m one of those people. Without it I have no quality of life

I know what you mean. I had the same self talk but stimulants are a bad option for you. Maybe not for some people but it sounds like they are for you. You will gradually learn to function with your adhd brain.

How long have you been taking the Vyvanse? I took adderall for three months and it didn’t come back gradually. The voices came all at once, zero to sixty.

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Been taking 50 mg this week. And it sucks because what you’re saying I don’t wanna hear. Deep down I know it’s true, at least without an antipsychotic but I’m mostly surprised I don’t hear any voices or feel like I did when adderall put me in a psychosis. I think it’s bc of the invega. And I was thinking about how bipolar people take stimulants with an AP all the time. This must be how it feels. There is a worry that it could still put me in a psychosis but I’m not prescribed it right now and I’m only going to have maybe 60 more pills to take for the next year so maybe I’ll just use it on days I need the pep in my step.

Good luck man. I’ve tried adderall and APs at the same time and it did not work. I can only share my experience. It’s not fair. Normies don’t know how good they got it. But spare yourself some suffering if you can. I for one can’t go through it again. I can tell you adhd gets easier to manage with age, but you never feel like a genius again without stimulants. You just become you, and it’s good enough.

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I take ephedrine. It’s no longer available in the states but it is in Canada. It wakes me up. I take it with caffeine

What was it like when u we’re on an AP and adderall? It sucks for me just bc I hate the invega sustenna shot I get every month, even on the lowest dosage. It’s one thing having adhd but the way it limits my brain power is the toughest thing I’ve ever experienced. I can’t live on my own on invega (unless I had vyvanse). I sound dependent but it’s like the mental brain power it takes to think of doing your laundry, paying bills, working out, all the things I had down pat before I was sick- they all go out the window on invega. It’s the weirdest thing but I feel like I’m less mature on invega unless I take a stimulant. I know you’ll warn against it but after the court order I’m on (because of adderall) I’m thinking of going to a new doctor and getting vyvanse with my AP. I present right now as bipolar so I hope it will work, but ONLY if there’s no issues like before. It sucks bc I know it sounds bad but for once on vyvanse I have my life back. I can work out, find pleasure in my personal hygiene, and weed out erroneous stimuli that I normally feel bombarded with.

And what AP are u on Sunlion

Anna, so you’re on a mood stabilizer And not an AP? With sz or sza I didn’t know that that’s an option really. Do u experience voices or paranoia? Maybe that’s an option for me, but I have gotten paranoid in the past, and I’ll still get an occasional hallucination. Have u tried AP’s?

You could try strattera. It’s helped me with concentration.

I’m normally on 80mg straterra. It’s no stimulant but it works a little bit. Wears off too quickly tho.

They were testing a theory that maybe my psychosis is just based around my sleep disorder and not true sza. But I’ve been having really bad voices yesterday and today. They were even taunting me as I tried to order food and I said shut up and that I would go back on an antipsychotic and they laughed and said “no you won’t.”

They’re bent on making me think God abandoned me and that my actions are unforgivable. I keep going in and out of believing them.

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I feel you on how the voices get you down. It’s like why can’t they be supportive like “good job you’re doing great”. I think it’s embarassing but I was on adderall and went into a psychosis that gave me erotomania. It’s so weird bc I never fell in love but when I was so out of it, I actually now know the feeling. Look it up, I’m recovered now and not even my doctors know about it, I just thought it was crazy how complex the voices get that you almost have a weird relationship with them

I have had good voices too but they have been less and less prevalent lately. I credit some of my good voices for having saved my life before because they were my only support system for a while.

Anyways I’m keeping an eye on it, I think I’m having a flare up because of finals stress.

Are you kidding me!

I would instantly end up in the Hospital.
This is according to my psychiatrist.

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The effect is good if you can rest properly and are in a regular dosage daily. The crash off these drugs are horrible for sz. You’ll feel like you’re coming off crack cocaine

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