Meds have changed me, i cant deal anymore

I get breakthrough symptoms every once in a while and I can’t deal with them. I have to curl up on the bed and try to sleep it off. before (unmedicated) it was not this way. it was just a part of my life, i’d go about my day listening and talking to the voices.

I guess it’s just new again and I have to readjust to it. I think it’s almost better to hallucinate all the time then it is every once in awhile.

I can’t help but blame the meds for my new weakness/ lack of coping. I don’t know why I blame the meds for everything.

Because there’s so much to blame them for!

I understand what you’re saying, I always try to sleep off my breakthrough voices. I also get paranoid if I havent had them for a while, because I know they’re prolly coming and I don’t want to be caught totally off guard. I don’t think it’s easier to hallucinate all the time, but I get where you’re coming from for sure.

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