Meds cause Testicular atrophy .

I Have gotten Small testicles, and, Lowered testosterone, from meds ( because of Prolactin-hormone Side-effect ) x x Prolactin shuts down Gonads, Causing them to Shrink x x

There is a Cure, called hCG, which can grow them back x x

I Punched a Nurse, when I Found out, Now I Have Police-order, To medications . . I Should have got, A lawyer, They can Complain, About stuff x x

Please, Give advice . . .

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Need help, What To do x x

Wow, makes me want to be scared of meds. Maybe switch medication if it is affecting you so much. And to punch a nurse was really ■■■■■■■ wrong of you. That was the last thing she deserved.

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It was complicated, I’d told her about side-effects, for 5 years, she just said, I Was psychotic x x It’s in all The good medical books, some listed above x x She Knew it and, Didn’t Really care, That’s why I Did it x xx

It Was bad but, I was Really scared </3 </3

You have several threads of the same thing and not to be mean, but the doctors were right. You are psychotic and you don’t realize that the past few days you have been in an extremely dangerous psychotic episode! You really need to get more help! I’ve read your threads and I was a pharmaceutical sales rep and studying and relating clinical studies and clinical trials is what I did on a daily basis. They aren’t easy for the average person to understand and interpret, that’s why I had to go through massive training and I can tell you that you are not reading the reports even close to accurate. Btw if it weren’t for the fact that you are psychotic and manic you would be in jail or worse for what you did! Because of your illness you were put in psychiatric care instead of jail! You don’t see it, but we all can that you are in a dangerous slippery slope right now. Please get help!


I responded to this one because all your recent ones were closed and I just thought you really should get immediate help before you hurt someone or yourself! Take care of your mental health! It’s very important!

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