Meditation's effects on patients with chronic schizophrenia. A succes


These patients demonstrated severe and drug treatment‐resistant hallucination/delusions

. During the continuous 8 months period, the patients performed mindfulness meditation per day for 20‐40 minutes. The records were double checked and confirmed by the tutors. The data were analyzed with SPSS 18.0 software

The hallucination and delusion symptoms persisted and exhibited no change during the past 8 years (measured at 8 years ago, 4 years ago, 2 weeks ago, and baseline time point) prior to this study. Following mindfulness training intervention, the hallucination and delusion symptoms did not exhibit much change in the first 2 weeks but began to decrease after 3 weeks of intervention. The improvements persisted as the intervention continued.

At the end of 8‐month intervention period, significant reductions in both hallucination and delusion symptoms were observed in all patients

, we reported the effectiveness of 8‐month mindfulness meditation intervention in five severe schizophrenia patients with more than 20 years’ medical history

conclusion in conclusion, our results demonstrated the promising potential of mindfulness meditation on the management of severe chronic schizophrenia patients.

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I saw a psychologist for 10 sessions and this was the kind of thing she wanted me to do. Perhaps I should have given it more of a chance :-/


I still dont know how to meditate lol\

maybe i must watch a youtube vid!!


I meditate when I have the time. It’s really not just a hype.


You must do it daily. @Treebeard it really isn’t a scam.

@FadetoBlack you can try at least two session of 7-15 minutes. I noticed improvement after the first time.

@wallafish you’re not alone. I just sit in the lotus position and focus on my breathing. When a thought comes in mind I quickly get rid of it and focus on the present moment

I do series of 5/3/3 ohmmmm. You should feel the vibration in your body. It helps


I’m on day third of my meditation routine (morning/night)

This is the result:

*I feel more energy
*I am more focused
*much less anxious
*much few thoughts
*a feeling of power over my mind

@FadetoBlack I was like you. I didn’t belived it will make a difference. And when I was symptomatic it didn’t. Now I’m stable and it makes the world of a difference


I find this a great result! Im a big proponent of using methods like these, that bring real changes.

Im a little scared though. Whenever I try meditation or periods of silence (e.g. in a monastery), my thoughts and memories become real “loud”. I realise all the bad stuff i did and freak out.

Perhaps i should try this again under guidance.


Direct effects on real life

*I met this girl from my former place of work and I felt comfortable around her (usually I would be anxious) we talk. We laugh. We had a good time

*I met two of my old friends. And I sit with them on my commute over one hour. And I felt good and confortable (usually I would sit alone). We talk freely.

*I confronted a co-worker (usually I would shut up and try to don’t upset anybody)

*I had a interview for a job and I explain my condition of working there (usually I would accept they’re conditions and don’t try to make myself confortable at work) they were understanding and say it’s no problem. I could choosed how to work there. I refused the job btw

And that’s just in 3 days. So far I didn’t felt my positives improved or having an impact on them but I haven’t had positives since months.

Can’t really tel about negatives yet. I have subtle ones.


This happend to me all the time before I became stable enough. I found meditation to be enneficient when I am not feeling well.

Eg: one day before my depot when symtoms are all over the place.

This is my conclusion from my own experience. I tried meditating many times but I was symptomatic them so it would NOT work.

Now I am stable and it does work for me.

From 2-3000 members there should be a good procentaje where meditation will help.


Yes, im absolutely not negative about meditation…I surely think it can help people loads. It helped me to be more aware of and open about my feelings and make better decisions at times too! And feel better, when i was more stable. Sometimes it frightens me though, exactly because i become more aware. How did you deal with that? Just stop?


I don’t know how to answer this question. But I Wil try.

My mind becomes more active and less anxios (short story) and it doesn’t make very me manic.(a little manic, yes) The first night I was a little manic to. At 9pm I would clean the snow for my house and three more neighbors because I had the energy.


I don’t do it for psychotic symptoms, though. But I try to do it daily anyway. It helps with more than just psychotic symptoms.


I know. I do it for anxiety and self discipline. The positives of mine were always under control by meds


I’m not really into meditation. I tried it a little bit when I was younger. I do like biblical meditation, where I meditate on Bible scripture. That tends to help me more.


were these medicated schizophrenics or unmedicated i find that i cant meditate because of the mood stabilizer


They were heavily medicated. Treatment resistant also


Is the link looking fishy? Nobody clicked on it


I did mindfulness as part of therapy for a while and just because I was doing yoga that it was a part of and it’s fairly helpful. It helped me learn how to observe my emotions without getting lost in them.


are you ona mood stabilizer?? and witch one also what ap are you on


I have an app called Insight Timer that has some guided meditation lessons. Some are paid and some are free. You can build your own session with music and bells. I need new headphones to take advantage of it again. Felt refreshed and calm when I used it.