Medicare Supplement plans

Is anyone else shopping for Medicare plans right now? I have Aetna, and had problems with them all year. I’ve learned that Humana offers plans in my area. @Skims. Is the only person on the forum I know to ask. Anybody else out there who uses a Medicare Supplement plan? It’s open enrollment time.

@NiceHat, I don’t know much about this stuff. I have some Medicare/Medicaid thing going on. My provider is Fidelis. They are pretty good. I get $500 to spend on health stuff, I spent mine on a gym membership. The thing is they are a Christian organization so they don’t cover all forms of birth control and women’s family planning. So I’ve had trouble getting Medicaid to cover the cost and have been paying out of pocket.

Edit: My pdoc’s office set me up with a obamacare person who walked me through the process of doing the paperwork.

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I see, I don’t have Obamacare anymore, after 2 years on disability I got a Medicare card. I’m not eligible for Obamacare with a Medicare card. Have you been disabled over 2 years? I’m not eligible for Medicaid.

I mispoke. Its not Obamacare, it was just a provider through my state that covered medicare/medicaid.

I have medicare and Aetna. Aetna doesn’t help me at all.

My parents use Humana. They like it.

I get Medicare in January but I already have insurance so it will become my supplemental policy.


I’m frustrated with them as I’ve had a billing issue all year, they didn’t pay my claims , now the billing people at the doctors offices are also calling trying to help me.

Public spending : TR3-B or Obamacare? Warfare or Wellfare : that is the question?

Are you talking about Plan C or Alternative for A/B? I tried to get Plan C by Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I was denied until I provided my medical records for review. This makes sense as I’m 40 and not 65 when applying… I was advised by family member who does hospital billing for Medicare/Medicaid not to buy the alternative A/B plans because they limited lifetime payout of bills and is hard to get signed up for govt Medicare later. I think this problem may have been resolved when Obamacare was passed.

I made an appointment with one of those free Medicare advisors in my state. They are trained volunteers mostly geared for senior citizens. She had appointments at the senior center. She said that 3 companies offer Medicare Supplement PPO plans, she looked up all 3 and said I have probably the best one, from Aetna.

But Latuda is an expensive drug in Part D of all 3 plans, it cost $1000 a month, so out of pocket for me it’s $400.

Here are the senior health insurance provider information website in my state, maybe your state has one?

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