Med withdrawal or symptoms of sz?

So I came off a small dose of olanzapine in the beginning of the month (2,5mg) I came off gradually skipping one night’s dose then taking following night over the course of two weeks. Nothing happened I was fine. Then a week after I stopped I noticed feeling dead depressed and anxious. So my question is how do I tell if it is withdrawal symptoms or just my sz coming back? I’m so scared. I’m scared that doctors can’t be trusted that they just want to poison us with meds to make money. I feel paranoid. What do I do? Go back on olanzapine or stick it out?

I stopped Olanzapine cold turkey on 20mg and within a few days I had the worst withdrawal. That said, I also ended up back in hospital as well. So the answer is potentially both.

Everyone is different, but coming from someone who has come off meds several times before without a doctor helping, I can tell you it’s a bad idea.

Last time I did this was Nov last year, and I still have not fully recovered from the relapse and I had my dose increased by 50%.

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They come in 2.5? Or do you cut them in half?

Hi @Saadiqah.i cut off clozaril which is very similar drug of olanzapine and i get really terrible withdrawal symptoms and my dosage raised %50 you have to becareful because if you go to pdoc after horrible withdrawal symptoms of medicine doctors can raise your dosage despite the you are not please be careful.

I got off Zyprexa 20 mg cold turkey. I became psychotic in a day. And it was hard to manage the psychosis with other medication. I got Fluanxol instead and it took 4 months before I was somewhat ok. Then I cut them down by half dose/week. I got psychotic again and was put on Abilify. Now I am afraid of changing it. It works for me.

I think your psychosis is trolling you. 2,5 mg is a very low dose. Did it work? Or were you paranoid on that dose?

@Hadeda, I think you’re experiencing both withdrawal symptoms, and a return of your schizophrenia. Your body is telling you it needs olanzapine to function correctly.

I don’t know how it works in your country, but in the US, doctors don’t see a single penny for the medications they prescribe you. They don’t make any money off of giving us the pills we need to survive.

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Like some of the people are saying it’s probably both but more on the schizophrenia side. Be very careful of having your dose lowered!

It’s really hard to say, the withdrawals from APs are exactly the same as the symptoms of schizophrenia so it could be either one. If you stick it out long enough the withdrawals from the medication should even out.

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@Hadeda You would probably have the best results if you called your pdoc tomorrow. The sz symptoms can trick you into thinking that people are against you or that medication is bad. This is the sz doing the thinking for you. You need to take your meds so that you can pull out of that downward spiral of thinking.

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate it a lot. I’m back on 2,5mg olanzapine for two days already. Waiting for it to kick in. It is 5mg pills which I cut in half. The low dose seems to work well for me. A higher dose (10mg or more) doesn’t work - it makes me feel dead too. So the low dose works for me.