Olanzapine withdrawal

I am coming of Olanzapine. Last time I was injected with 300 mg of this medication. As I was said the effect of it will last 2 weeks (20 mg/day) or 4 weeks (10 mg/day) but after 2 weeks I got severely depressed, it lasted 2 days and assumed it was a withdrawal symptom since I didn’t receive new injection. Does that mean I no longer have Olanzapine in my system or will I go through same withdrawal after 4 weeks of injection?
Thanks in advance!

I was taking 40mg zyprexa, and we lowered it to 20mg. I was dizzy and about to faint for a week

Have your originali symptoms returned or do you feel worse with lower dose than with the higher one?

Symptoms have returned.
We lowered olanzapine but we added haldol injection.

Hope this treatment works for you!

I also would like to recomend you the book about advanced psychiatric treatment which is helping me so far: William Walsh “Nutrient power: heal your biochemistry and heal your brain”. For those, who don’t benefit from psychiatric treatment.

Good luck!

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Thanks buddy. Do you also have symptoms?

No, but probably that’s because I’m on vitamins also…

I don’t think vitamins help with psychosis

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It does help and the book I recomended you is about that. By the way, my dominant symptom was depression, not psychosis.

Good luck!